Monday, October 2, 2023

India Vs Pakistan Defamation Conspiracy, ISI Secret Note On Kashmir Exposes…

Pakistan Conspiracy: Even though the common man in Pakistan is hungry for food and there is hue and cry, but the Pakistani government is not deterring from its conspiracies against India. Several steps have been taken by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry regarding Kashmir, in which efforts have also been made to create an atmosphere against India. Indian intelligence agencies have disclosed this.

According to the intelligence report, a secret note has been sent by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry to its Embassy and High Commission of Pakistan worldwide, in which toolkits have also been shared for how to execute the conspiracy against India on Kashmir. It is being told that such a secret note was issued by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry located in Islamabad on February 3. In that note, Pakistan, along with its embassies and high commissions around the world, has planned to conspire against India on Kashmir.

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Today, the Pakistani government also made preparations to celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day in PoK. This day is celebrated on his behalf every year on 5th February. Under its guise, he tries to defame India at the international level. Now once again a plan has been prepared on his behalf to organize a large-scale demonstration against India. Recently, the Pakistani Embassy in America had hosted a webinar on Kashmir. Apart from this, Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also released a propaganda poster regarding Kashmir. Also released some hash tags to get trending on Twitter.

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