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India US Relations US Ambassador Eric Garcetti To India Says Our Relations…

US Ambassador to India: 52-year-old Eric Garcetti, the newly appointed US ambassador to India, has described the relationship between India and America as very important for the future of the world. Garcetti has said that the two countries are working together on many issues and this has never happened before. In his address during the US India Summit, Garcetti said that there are few such relations in the world, which are more important for India and America.

Let us tell you that Ro Khanna and Michael Waltz, co-chairs of the India Caucus of the US Parliament, had organized the US India Summit. In this event, Eric Garcetti, while addressing the American citizens of Indian origin, said many such things, which were highlighting the importance of Indo-US relations. Garcetti said that the relationship between India and America is very important for the future of the world. He said that both of us are the leading democracies of the world.

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India America can give new direction to 21st century
According to Eric Garcetti, ‘America is the world’s largest and India is the 5th largest economy. We are united by the people of both the countries and together we can give a new direction to the 21st century. In his address, Eric Garcetti said, ‘As President Joe Biden says that India and America are indispensable allies.’

Biden had said – an important period for the relations between the two countries
Garcetti said, ‘When I was leaving for India, I met my President (Joe Biden). So when I asked him about his vision for Indo-American relations, he said that this is a very delicate time and it is a very delicate time for the whole planet, and it is also an important time for the relations between the two countries.

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