Wednesday, November 30, 2022

India On Sri Lanka Financial Support Says We Extended Around 4 Billion USD…

Financial Support To Sri Lanka: Rejecting the reports in the media, today India has made it clear that about 4 billion US dollars has been given to Sri Lanka this year. Actually, there was a report in the media that India has stopped giving help to Sri Lanka. On this, India has responded and clarified the situation.

The Indian Embassy has issued a statement on this matter. The embassy said that we have given financial assistance of $ 4 billion to Sri Lanka. We continue to support Sri Lanka to overcome its current economic difficulties. Actually, Sri Lanka is going through the biggest economic crisis since the beginning of this year. There were reports in the media that India will no longer help Sri Lanka.

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what did the embassy say

The Indian Embassy has said that we have seen media reports regarding non-offering of further financial assistance from India. We would like to emphasize that India has provided assistance of about US$ 4 billion this year to address the difficulties faced by the people of Sri Lanka. Apart from this, India has also advocated for other bilateral and multilateral partners who are increasingly supportive of Sri Lanka’s current economic difficulties.

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Sri Lanka’s support will continue in every possible way

The embassy further said that we have also noted the conclusion of an employee-level agreement between the IMF and the Government of Sri Lanka. Its further approval within the IMF is dependent on, inter alia, Sri Lanka’s debt stability. We will continue to support Sri Lanka in every possible way. Will make efforts for its speedy economic recovery and development by promoting long-term investment from India, especially in key economic sectors of Sri Lanka.

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