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India Join Secretary Of UNES Srinivas Gotru Slammed Bilawal Bhutto Zardari…

India Reply To Pakistan: Pakistan tried to surround India regarding the matters of minorities but it could not succeed. India has given a befitting reply to Pakistan saying that it is ironic that Pakistan is giving lectures on minorities. In fact, in the United Nations, Pakistan tried to surround India on the issue of minorities, but UNES Joint Secretary Srinivas Gotru retaliated and stopped speaking.

At the UNES, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Vilaval Bhutto Zardari referred to Islamophobia in India regarding the rights of minorities. Vilaval Bhutto commented on Kashmir and minorities in India. Responding to this, Srinivas Gotru said that it is an irony that Pakistan is talking about the rights of minorities. The rights of minorities have been violated in Pakistan and it has a long history. The whole world has seen it too.

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Minorities in Pakistan on the verge of extinction

Srinivas Gotru did not stop here, while blaming Pakistan, he further said that Pakistan has eliminated minorities. Pakistan continues to grossly violate the rights of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Ahmadiyya Muslims. Thousands of women and children, especially girls from minority communities, have been subjected to abduction, forced marriage and conversion in Pakistan.

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He said that there is a separate ministry for minority welfare in India, which looks after religious and linguistic minorities. The Joint Secretary said that it is wonderful for Pakistan to raise this issue. He slammed Pakistan and said that minorities are being talked about by a country which has stopped publishing data to hide its shameful record. He said that we know what Pakistan has done to its minorities. Some minorities have become extinct in Pakistan and even today Pakistan is violating the rights.

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What did Pakistan say?

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had claimed in the United Nations that India is turning into a Hindu state. He had said that the ruling BJP and RSS regime, driven by the ideology of hatred against Muslims, is implementing its age-old plan to destroy and change India’s Islamic heritage.

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