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India Gave Dornier Aircraft Sri Lanka Before China Spy Ship

Sri Lanka India: A day before the arrival of China’s spy-ship in Sri Lanka, the Indian Navy has made a big bet by giving a Dornier Maritime Patrol Aircraft to the Sri Lankan Army. . The Vice Chief of the Indian Navy presented this reconnaissance aircraft to the Sri Lankan Army in Colombo in the presence of President Ranil Wickremesinghe. Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe and Co-Chief of the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral SN Ghorpade, besides Sri Lanka’s Chief of Defense Staff, Sri Lankan Defense Secretary and Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Gopal Baglay were also present at the military ceremony held in Colombo.

A senior official related to India’s national security said in the capital Delhi that this Dornier aircraft has been given to Sri Lanka under the Sagar-Niti i.e. Security and Growth for All in the Region. This reconnaissance aircraft will greatly enhance the Sri Lankan Maritime Security capabilities. The Dornier aircraft will prove to be a milestone in the bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka.

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Does China have the answer?
Giving the Dornier aircraft of Vice Chief of the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral Ghorpade to Sri Lanka is considered a big bet. Because on Tuesday, 16 August, the Chinese spy-ship is reaching Sri Lanka to dock. China’s Yuan Wang ship is reaching Hambantota port in Sri Lanka. To say, this ship is a research and survey ship and is reaching Hambantota for refueling. But the reality is that China uses it for espionage. Experts believe that this jihad is actually a ballistic and satellite tracking ship.

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Tribute paid to soldiers of Indian Peace Keeping Force
China can use Yuan Wang to spy on India’s military installations. This is the reason why India had raised its objection to this ship from Sri Lanka. Initially Sri Lanka agreed but then allowed to come. During his visit to Sri Lanka, Vice Admiral Ghorpade also paid tribute to the brave soldiers of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka at the IPKF Memorial.

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