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Independence Day 2022 Know About India’s First Woman Railway Minister Mamata…

Independence Day 2022: 75 years of independence have been completed. India is celebrating the nectar festival of independence on this occasion. After the independence of slave India, many major changes took place in the country. These changes were seen in every field. While a lot of new has been achieved at the level of development, at the same time major changes were seen at the political, economic and social level. The whole country had a contribution in the independence of India. Some people led the freedom struggle while others took part in the movement to get out of British slavery. Women also joined those who started the movement and became a part of it. Today there are many women in independent India, representing in different fields. People know Mamta Banerjee as a big name of today’s politics. She is the Chief Minister of Bengal and also the President of Trinamool Congress. There is another big achievement in the name of Mamta, who is handling the party and the state government. Mamta Banerjee has also been the first woman railway minister of independent India. Let us know about the political journey and achievements of the country’s first woman Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee.

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Mamta remained active in politics with studies

However, at the age of 17, the shadow of father Promileshwar Banerjee rose from Mamta’s head. After his father’s departure, Mamta decided to follow his ideals. Also completed his studies. First earned a BA and then a master’s degree in Islamic history. Later he completed his law studies from Jogesh Chandra Chaudhary College. Along with studies, Mamta was also active in politics. In those days Mamta came in contact with the Congress Party and founded the Student Council. In 1970, Mamta was appointed General Secretary of the State Mahila Congress. In 1984, Mamata Banerjee defeated veteran Communist Party leader Somnath Chatterjee and became an MP.

Mamta is becoming Chief Minister for three consecutive terms

In the year 2011, Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Bengal. In the year 2016, Mamta Banerjee won the re-election with a huge vote and she came back to power. It is the popularity of Mamta that in the assembly elections held in the year 2021, Mamta Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time.



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