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Inayat Vats: Martyr Major’s daughter took over the family’s legacy, doing so for her father’s…

Inayat Vats with mother and father.
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Inayat Vats News in Hindi: Soldiers posted on the borders to protect the country neither care about their family nor their lives. The braver the soldier is, the stronger his family is. Some’s father, some’s husband become martyrs to protect the country. One such daughter lost her father in an anti-terrorist operation but decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and herself joined the army. Today this daughter is the third generation of this family, who has joined the army to protect the country. The name of this daughter of the country is Inayat Vats. Let’s know the story of Inayat Vats.

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Inayat Vats is the daughter of Marty Major

Inayat Vats is a resident of Panchkula, Haryana. Inayat is the only daughter of her parents. Inayat’s father’s name is Navneet Vats, who was working as a Major in the army. In 2003, Major Navneet Vats lost his life in an anti-terrorist operation in Jammu and Kashmir when Inayat was only two and a half years old. Inayat Vats’s father has been posthumously awarded the Sena Medal. Inayat’s maternal grandfather was also a colonel in the army.

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Inayat lost her father at the age of two and a half years.

Inayat, who lost her father 20 years ago, decided to continue her father’s legacy and joined the Indian Army. In April, Inayat is going to join the Officers Training Academy located in Chennai.

Education of Inayat Vats

Inayat Vats graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and later did her post graduation in Political Science from Hindu College, DU. Inayat could get appointment to a gazetted post under the state’s policy for the next of kin of martyrs, but she had to join the army like her father. Inayat’s mother and her family also supported her in this decision.

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Martyr Major Navneet Vats and Shivani had just been married for four years when he was martyred. Shivani was only 27 years old at that time. After that she started working as a teacher in an Army Public School in Chandimandir.



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