Importance of Prepaid Return Shipping Labels- FedEx, USPS, and UPS

Importance of Prepaid Return Shipping Labels- FedEx, USPS, and UPS
Written by Rohan Mathew

The delivery companies have emerged as a boon to e-commerce businesses. The cost-effective plans by the top delivery companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS are helpful in effectively delivering the packages. 

Another major problem faced by eCommerce businesses is the returned items. According to a study, around 30 per cent of the purchases made by e-commerce websites get returned. So it is essential to understand the prepaid return shipping labels

Benefits Of Prepaid Return Shipping Labels

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Convenience for customers
  3. Addressing the needs of customers
  4. Growth in conversion rate by offering safe and easy return policy to customers
  5. Lowering the use of unnecessary carts

Prepaid Return Shipping Labels 

A shipping label is a prepaid service in which the address is labelled in advance. It helps customers to return their packages to the same address if needed. The customers can return their deliveries in a faster way and reduce any chances of mistakes or errors. 

In the prepaid return shipping label, the seller gets the option to choose the lowest cost option offered by companies. It helps to enhance the whole process to send and return the packages without any hassle.

Process Of Prepaid Shipping Label

The e-commerce merchants have to follow these steps for creating a prepaid return label. The process to initiate a return shipment label is very easy and can be done with any courier service. Shipping software is used to create the “return shipping labels.” You need to fill in details, and then you will receive an email to print and attach with the package. 

Here are a few steps-

  1. Choose the delivery company and shipping options according to their preferences and budget.
  2. Please fill up the necessary information regarding the addresses where they want to deliver their items. It is also evident to mention some vital information for the identification of the package for efficient management.
  3. Make necessary payments according to the courier service that also covers the charges of the return shipment. 

To make sure that your customers get a prepaid shipping label, you can follow these two steps-

Customers can download, and print-You can send prepaid shipping labels through email. It is also effortless to download and print the brand from the website. 

Send along with the package– You can just attach a printed shipping label along with the delivery package. So, if customers want to return the box, they can use it and take it to the counter.

Steps To Create A Prepaid Shipping Label Using Fedex

FedEx is one of the leading courier services in the US. Follow these below mentioned steps to create a shipping label with the FedEx-

  1. Register yourself with FedEx by making an account.
  2. Go to the “Ship” and then click on “Create Shipment”.
  3. Go to FedEx Ship Manager and then click on “Prepare Shipment”. 
  4. Click on “Create Return Shipment”.
  5. Fill in the information about your business in the section of “Return Package To.”
  6. Fill up the customer’s information.
  7. A dialogue box will appear that will mention a different return label type. Select one according to your choice. 
  8. While selecting the “Package Type,” you can choose the shipping method accordingly.
  9. Then, review the information and then click on confirm. 
  10. Finally, click on the Ship option to complete. 

Uses Of Email Prepaid Return Shipping Label By Fedex

You can download the prepaid shipping label from the website or email it with a barcode. Customers can print it and can even show the barcode at the local office. The business owners can decide the timings for the customers to return the product until they publish the label. 

This process helps customers to schedule a drop-off and pickup time of the package according to their choice. 

Print Prepaid Return Shipping Label By Fedex

The printed return shipping label is best for the shipment of legal documents, medical and other services. It becomes easy to track the product by linking it with the shipping label on the outside of the package. 

Steps To Create A Prepaid Shipping Label Using USPS

The USPS Click-N-Ship is a great way to create a USPS Prepaid Return Shipping Label. IT offers several mailing services for the return of your shipment. It is effortless to print the USPS labels and send the packages that include First Class and Priority Mail Shipment.

You can follow these steps for Prepaid Return Shipping Label by USPS-

  1. Send the label along with the shipment of the package.
  2. Including a tool on your website enables customers to download the title and print them to attach with the box. 
  3. Allowing the customers to print the Prepaid Return Shipping Label according to their choice.
  4. Customers can ask for a return label through any print or Label service delivery.

Steps To Create A Prepaid Shipping Label For UPS

UPS is the abbreviation of United Parcel Service that offers various delivery services. However, the UPS provides return shipment only in some selected countries across the world. Customers can easily create and select the return labels offered by the company known as UPS CampusShip. 

You can follow these steps to create a prepaid shipping label of UPS-

  1. Go to the website of the USPS.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details.
  3. Correctly fill the addresses in Return To and Return From
  4. Check the dimensions and weight of the package and fill in the information.
  5. Select the return options according to the budget and shipment choices.

These are some return shipment label service offered by UPS-

Print Return Label

The merchants can print the return label of the UPS, and it automatically emails it to the customers. Go to the section of “Return Service” and fill in the necessary details. Then review the information and click confirm or completion. Finally, click on the “Ship Now” option and print the label.

UPS Return Plus

The delivery drivers of the UPS carry the return shipping label. They have the return label when they arrive to pick the return package. There are two processes:

  • Three Pickup Attempts– In this, the pickup of the return package is attempted three times by the UPS. If the pickup attempts are unsuccessful, then the parcel is returned to the UPS. The charge for this service is $50.00.
  • One Pickup Attempt– In this, the pickup attempt is made only once; if the attempt fails, the UPS prepaid label is given to the recipient. The care for this service is $99.00.

Mail and Print Labels

You can use this service to send the UPS return label along with the package or separately as per choice. The charge for this service is up to $1,000 or equivalent to any native currency. The customers can use this service in the “Select Service” option and enter the necessary details about the product. 

Electronic Return Labels

Business organizations can email the return label to their customer. The customers can print the brand and the receipt and review the information. They can also arrange the process and fix the timing for pickup. 

Go to Return Service, enter the product’s information, review everything, and then confirm mail to customers. It is essential to select the “Receipt” before confirming. 

Know How To Create Label Of Return Shipping

The best way to use every kind of shipping return deal is “Easyship.” Follow these steps to make a shipping label by using Easyship- 

  1. Create your return shipping label by clicking on the “Checkbox” and select the shipment service according to your choice 
  2. Go to the “More” options.
  3. Select “Create Return Label”
  4. Enter the necessary information in the section of customer address and return address.
  5. Select the courier services (FedEx, USPS, UPS)
  6. Process your payment
  7. You will receive the email along with the shipment label after the payment. 

Return labels are very crucial for e-commerce businesses, and they have to face this problem daily. The service of prepaid return shipping labels makes this process easy and delivers back the packages to the designated address without any hassle. 

This process helps to uplift the level of satisfaction among the customers and builds a positive image of your company. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Prepaid Return Shipping Label

What is the cost of Prepaid Return Shipping Label?

The Prepaid Return Shipping Label is generally free for the customers. The business owners using the services should purchase the labels. The labels are based upon the courier services the merchants have chosen and the rate they have agreed to. 

How to print a prepaid return shipping label?

It is effortless to print a prepaid return shipping label at home. You can use a regular printer and using a standard paper of 8.5X11 and use an adhesive to stick it to the box. 

Does the prepaid return shipping label expire? What is the expiration period of the return labels?

The period of expiration depends upon the courier service you will choose. The labels provided by UPS and FedEx do not have an expiration date. However, the titles for the USPS return do not expire in most cases.

You can check the websites of the respective courier services while negotiating.

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