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if you want to control diabetes so try these 5 Effective tips-Diabetes Control:…

Diabetes is such a disease that if not controlled then the risk of many diseases starts increasing in the body. The disease of diabetes flourishes due to poor lifestyle and poor diet. Obesity, high cholesterol and family history increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you are a victim of diabetes, then first of all make some changes in your lifestyle, only then you can avoid serious health complications of diabetes like kidney, heart and nerve damage in future. If you have diabetes and eat sweets, then especially make some changes in your eating habits so that you can control sugar. Let us know that if diabetic patients eat sweets, then how to control sugar.

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Keep the body active To control diabetes, keep your body active. If the body is physically active, then sugar will be under control. You exercise to keep the body active.

Lose Weight: Increasing weight increases the risk of many diseases. If you are a diabetic patient and you are overweight, then control it. If sugar patients eat sweets, then their weight will also increase rapidly and sugar will also increase rapidly. To control diabetes, it is necessary to reduce weight. To lose weight, do aerobic exercise, walk. Keeping the body active means that you do not become lazy, but keep the body covered.

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Consume plant base food: Plant base foods control diabetes. According to many studies, plant-based foods are very helpful in controlling blood sugar. These foods reduce the risk of diabetes. To control blood sugar, include green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, green sorrel, amaranth, fenugreek and non-starchy vegetables like bitter gourd, gourd, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, onion, okra, tomato, mushroom in the plant diet. can do.

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Eat healthy food: If you want to control diabetes, then eat healthy food. Eat foods that have a low glycemic index. Include broccoli sprouts, pumpkin seeds, nuts and flax seeds or flaxseeds in the diet.

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