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IAS Surabi Gautam success story cracked almost every competitive exams…

UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. Many people dream of becoming an IAS after passing this exam. Many people also pretend to be officers, pushing back the helplessness and deprivation. Surbhi’s story is similar. Surbhi Gautam, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, got her hard work done.

Who is Surbhi Gautam? Surbhi was born in the small village of Amdara in Satna (Madhya Pradesh) to a lawyer-teacher couple. Like other children in the family, Surbhi too was sent for primary education to the government school in the village, which was a Hindi medium school. Surbhi was quick to study since childhood, but for most of the family members, this was not a special thing.

However, when the result of class V came, Surabhi got 100 marks out of 100 in Mathematics. The teacher called Surbhi and patted her and said, ‘You have got 100 percent marks in maths. Till date I have not seen anyone getting 100 marks out of 100 in board exam. You will do very well in future.

After this Surbhi became more serious towards studies. Meanwhile, Surabhi’s joints started to ache again and again, ignored this pain till the initial days, but gradually the pain spread throughout the body and one day Surbhi’s bed became such a condition that she could not get up from the bed.

coping with serious illness

After Surbhi’s health deteriorated, her parents took her to Jabalpur due to lack of good doctors in the village. There the doctors told that Surbhi has ‘rheumatic fever’. If this is ignored for a long time, the person may die. In this disease, the heart gets the most damage. The doctor advised Surbhi to take injections on 15 days, every 15 days her parents used to take Surbhi to Jabalpur due to lack of skilled doctors in the village. During this, Surbhi’s health was not good but she did not turn her back on studies.

Inspiration to become IAS from newspaper

Surbhi’s health was not only bad, yet she got 100% marks in science as well as maths in high school. With this, Surbhi was counted among the talented students at the state level. Many news were published about Surbhi, it was written in a newspaper that Surbhi wants to become a collector. While there was no such thought in Surbhi’s mind. However, after this news, Surbhi made up her mind that she wanted to become an IAS.

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English became a headache, used to sit behind in class

After scoring good marks in 12th also, he passed the state engineering entrance examination and took admission in Electronics and Communications from an engineering college in Bhopal. She was the best student of her school while studying in a government school. But when Surbhi reached college from school, her world changed completely there. She was a student of Hindi medium and most of the children who came here were from English medium.

Being from the Hindi medium, she had to suffer an inferiority complex, where she used to sit at the forefront of her school. And now she started sitting back. During this, he was only concerned about one thing that no one paid attention to him, after which he started working on his English.

Topped in first semester of graduation

Surbhi took English so seriously that Surbhi, upset with the English language, started talking to herself in English to improve her English. Even in dreams, he started talking to people in English. The result was also shown. He topped the first semester of his graduation and was also given the College Chancellor’s Award for this.

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Cracked many exams including UPSC

Surbhi got a job in TCS company during the placement in college, but she did not join. After that he continuously participated in many competitive exams like BARC, ISRO, GTE, SAIL, MPPSC, SSC, FCI and Delhi Police exams and cracked them all.

Got first rank in IES, but had to become IAS

In the year 2013, Surbhi cleared the IES exam and secured the All India First Rank. But Surbhi had aimed to become an IAS. So, she continued her preparation and in the year 2016, Surbhi fulfilled her dream by securing 50th rank in her first attempt in UPSC exam. In an interview given to the media, Surbhi says that no language is a wall, if you are determined, it will be in your control.

Currently posting here

IAS Surbhi Gautam is working as Assistant Collector in Viramgam district of Ahmedabad. Earlier she was working as Assistant Collector in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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