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Hurricane IAN Become Extremely Dangerous As Winds Blowing At A Speed ​​Of…

Hurricane IAN: Hurricane IAN is taking a severe form in Florida, USA. Winds have started blowing here at a speed of 250 kmph. Because of this, there has been an orgy of devastation all over Florida. The US National Hurricane Center has issued an alert. Some areas of Florida are also being evacuated. This disaster on life is so broken that nothing is being understood. Thousands of people have been evacuated from the hospital. US President Joe Biden is keeping an eye on this whole matter.

Hurricane Ian has brought devastation in Florida. Somewhere the pillars got uprooted and somewhere the boat came on the road after being swept away in the water. So everywhere debris is visible everywhere. There is a scene of devastation all around in Florida. FEMA i.e. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is ready to help the people, but the terrible storm is bent on taking everything.

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storm writing the story of ruin

The one who is writing the story of ruin, this storm. Rarely has America seen such destruction. The roofs of the houses were blown off, the walls collapsed, the doors of the shops were uprooted, the trees were uprooted with their roots, the strong wind did not allow them to stand in front of them and the electric poles have fallen. The situation is bad. The areas which are most affected are being evacuated. Efforts are being made to evacuate more than 25 lakh people.

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Ian transformed from grade 3 to grade 4

Hurricane IAN, which reached the west coast of Florida, America, has now taken a formidable form. It has turned into a grade 3 to grade 4 storm. This information has been received from the news agency PTI. Actually, the storm also caused great destruction in Cuba. Arising from the Caribbean sea, Ian knocked on the West Coast of Cuba on 27 September. Now it has reached Florida, America. Earlier, during the storm in Cuba, there was a wind speed of 205 km per hour. It rained here with strong wind. Due to this there was a power outage in the entire country. It is being told that due to the storm, the lives of about one crore have been affected so far.

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