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Humans Will Start Living And Working On The Moon Within One Decade Said NASA

Humans in moon: Man’s dream of setting up a house on the moon is going to be fulfilled soon. Plotting has already been done on the moon, now man is going to live and work on the moon. The American Space Center NASA has recently launched its Artemis-1 rocket under the Mission Moon program. Now NASA has claimed that by 2030, humans will start living on the moon’s land and will also start doing their work there.

Howard Hu, who led the Orion lunar spacecraft program for NASA, said that we are going to send people to the surface of the moon. He said that those people are going to live there and do research. Howard Hu said that by 2030, the place for humans to be sent to the moon would be ready. He said that many rovers on the surface of the moon will help humans. Man is going to do many experiments on the moon.

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America on ‘Mission Moon’ after 50 years

Let us tell you that after almost 50 years, America has once again started on Mission Moon. Only last week, NASA has launched Artemis-1 rocket, which is moving fast. Preparing to send humans to the moon with the help of Artemis-1. This whole campaign is divided into 3 parts Artemis-1, Artemis-2 and Artemis-3. After the success of Artemis-1, after 3 years, the steps of human will again take place on the moon.

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Humans will go to the moon with Artemis-3

The purpose of Artemis-1 is to test the capability of landing a capsule on the Moon and back. In the next phase, its seven humans will also be sent to the moon. Artemis-1’s Orion is now moving fast in the Moon’s orbit. In the third and last phase of Artemis, NASA will send humans to the Moon. According to NASA, the first woman and the first non-white man will be sent to the Moon with Artemis-3. According to NASA, this work will be completed by 2030.

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