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How To Use Tomato For Skin Care Natural Way To Get Rosy Cheeks Benefits…

Tomato Skin Care: To look beautiful, it is very important for two things to look healthy and nourished. First your skin and second your hair. When both your skin and your hair look healthy, then your beauty leaves its mark even without any makeup. If you also want such skin, then you do not need to spend much money for this. Rather, you can increase the glow of your skin even by spending only 5 rupees once a week. How? Know here…

all you need is a red tomato

Red tomato has the ability to bring natural red glow on your cheeks. Apply the pulp of this tomato on your skin once a week. It contains lycopene, it works to remove dead cells of your skin, deep clean the skin pores and bleach the skin. It is enough to apply it only once a week. Learn here when and how to apply.

  • take a ripe tomato
  • Cut it and take out its juice and pulp
  • Now mash this juice and pulp well and make a paste.
  • Wash your face and apply the prepared tomato paste
  • After 20 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • In winter, you can use lukewarm water to clean this pack.

they should not be used

  • Tomato paste may not suit the skin of some people. Just as things like Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E serum or any cream do not suit everyone, similarly it is not necessary that this pack suits everyone’s skin.
  • There will be no side effect or reaction of applying it on your skin. But there may be dullness or slight darkness in the skin, which will be cured within a day. If you see any such symptoms after applying it for the first time, then do not use this pack.

benefits of applying tomato on skin

  • Skin tight by applying tomato face pack
  • Tomato paste keeps the skin young and glowing
  • Tomato paste is very helpful in removing skin spots.
  • To remove the problem of freckles, tomato paste should be applied.
  • Applying tomato juice on the skin does not cause pimples.
  • If tomato suits your skin and you apply it on your face thrice a week, you will get a natural pink glow on your cheeks.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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