How to Use Lucky Patcher App On Android Devices Step By Step Guide

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Lucky Patcher App is the ultimate solution for in-app purchases, the app is made for hacking and modifying the other apps. It is now available for Android, and iOS Devices. by using this app you can easily hack or modify your favorite games and application and take the advantages of premium features i.e. In-app purchases, premium versions, modifying games for an extra life or resources and many other useful hacks, the possibilities are endless. This app is for you if you want the benefits of premium features for free.

The app supports almost all the latest Android and iOS devices, the app is available on Lucky patcher official website. If you didn’t  have the app installed on your Smartphone, you can download the app from their official website. To download the Lucky patcher app click on the download button, you’ll be redirected to their official website

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Some Of The Useful Feature of Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher has bunch of useful features, few of them are mentioned below

  • The lucky patcher app can remove license check in premium apps.
  • Hack resources i.e. gems, starts, life etc. on off-line games and few online games.
  • It can Remove advertisement.
  • Easily remove excessive information.
  • The backup option is useful for protection if something goes wrong.
  • In-app purchases are easy to do.
  • Install, uninstall, delete any application within the app interface.

Once you have the Lucky Patcher App installed on your android device. You can hack any of your favorite games and application. It’s very easy to patch the games and application even if you are not tech savvy. However’ to make it easier for you I have provided the step by step guide which you can easily follow

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How to Use Lucky Patcher App On Android Devices

There are many different methods for the different purpose, suppose to remove license check few steps are different. and for in-app purchases the method is different. you can learn both methods for better understanding of Lucky Patcher App..

Methode 1. For Free In-App Purchase

For Unrooted Device

At first lunch Lucky patcher App on your Android device, you’ll see a list of all your application available on your device.

Now Find the application you want to in-app purchases. In this case, i am going to choose Temple Run 2. Click on the icon. A list will pop-up. Now select the option “open menu of patches”.

Now the application will start to load, it will take few seconds to load. once the loading is completed a notification of lucky patcher will pop-up written in the Chinese language. Don’t worry it’s not a virus. Just Click the left button.

Once you click on the left button another list will pop-up, now click on the “support patch for in-app and LVL emulation” after that you want to click on the Rebuild the app

As soon as you click on the Rebuild The App Button, the app will start to load. Have patience because it will take a while. Once the Loading completes a window will pop up saying your patch results and option to go to file. Click on the button “Go to file”.

There you will get your mod apk file, install the new modified apk file and enjoy the unlimited in app purchases. this method will work on unrooted devices.

And if you have the rooted device you can follow this instruction.

For Rooted device

It’s pretty much same, only the difference is for the rooted device you get more options to modify the app. if you are on the rooted device once you click on the “support patch for InApp and LVL emulation” a new list of options will pop up.


There you have to scroll to the bottom and click on the Apply button. once you have done that wait for few seconds, it will take a while.

Now once the loading completes you can proceed to the next step, once the loading is done a new notification window will pop-up, there just click on the lunch button. Now the game will start.

Now you can go to the store section in your game, and choose what you wanted to buy. just hit on the buy button and you’ll see a new window pop up with a list of options, just check the last option in the list and click on the apply button. Boom your purchase is completed. In this way, you can buy as many resources you want.

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Method 2 For Removing License Check In Premium Apps.

This method is for removing license check in premium apps, by removing license check you can have the benefits of premium features without spending any cash.

First of all lunch the Lucky Patcher app and grant the root access on your device.

Next, you’ll have to minimize the lucky Patcher and lunch the app that you want to remove the license check or access the paid version.

Now go to the store sections in your app and click on the buy button or pro version.

As soon as you click on the buy button, instead of Google in-app purchase box, a window of lucky patcher will open.There you’ll see an option written “Do you want to try this app for free” Select yes.

Done, your new premium app is now purchased successfully, now you can use the premium features and also for free.

Well, I hope you find this guide helpful if you have any doubts regarding the methods that I have mentioned here you can always ask me about it  through the comment sections. And I will be very happy to see your comments below. thank you for visiting my site.