How to tint boat windows and why is it important?

How to tint boat windows and why is it important?
Written by Paresh Bramhane

 Are you wondering how to tint boat windows and whether or not you need to tint them at all? Getting your boat windows tinted is all the rage nowadays. You may be wondering is it really important to get your boat windows tinted? Many attest to how beneficial tinting your windows is for furniture longevity, glare reduction, overall temperature and more. 

Many boat owners are not of the same view when it comes to tinting because it can dangerously inhibit visibility making it difficult to set sail in the nighttime. 

There are many benefits to boat tinting and yes, you must take into account tints that do not impair visibility completely. The trick is to pick the right colours that can reduce glare in the daytime and provide you with a clear view when sailing at night. 

Why should you tint your windows? 

Tinting your windows has many advantages. Boat tints are not just about aesthetic, they are also functional, ensuring that your interiors are protected from prolonged sun exposure. A boat just like any other vessel has to maintain a certain temperature level and the interior getting heated up over time can become a problem.

Tints block out sun exposure and that is very helpful if you have an enclosed cabin instead of an open cockpit. This way you will enjoy a pleasant environment and be able to sail in the daytime without any difficulty. A boat window tint allows you to make your sailing experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

If you would like to have passengers on board, you have even more reason to invest in boat window tinting because people wouldn’t like to be exposed to dangerous UV rays when sailing. The interiors of the boat can also suffer severe damage without a high-quality UV barrier. The more your interior is protected from the sun rays, the more you can prolong its useful life. 

Sailing is much easier with UV protection and window tints because of its ability to reduce glare immediately. 

Why don’t you need window tints? 

The reason why a window tint may not be useful for you is if you are sailing in the nighttime and it gets too dark to navigate the waters and distinguish between items in the field. 

Window glass that is far too tinted is also a problem. Good window tints are similar to sunglasses which you can remove easily in case you need to take a better, clearer look. If your window tints cannot be switched, they are not providing you with the level of functionality you need. 

The solution to this problem is retrofitting window films for which you can appoint a window film specialist to help you apply window tints that are peel-off. This way you can have window tints that are effective but will also not result in obstruction of views resulting in accidents. It is important to keep this in mind because depending on where you may be living, there is a need for laws regarding window tinting that you must adhere to. 

Alternatives to boat window tinting that you didn’t know. 

Chances are you don’t care how much the tinting costs so long as everything goes smoothly. Getting a boat window tint will give you a chance to reduce glare. 

The alternatives that you can try are using sunglasses which are more than just aesthetic. You can easily remove your sunglasses and get the benefits of a window tint without the commitment and expenses. Of Course, this means taking extra care of your boating shades which should be readily available to you when you set sail. 

How to apply window boat window tint? 

Applying window tint may seem like an easy task but there’s a technique to it. The first thing you have to do is find yourself the right boat window tint which is great for nighttime and daytime and also adheres to the laws. 

You have to keep in mind that there are knives, scissors and other sharp objects involved and if you are new to tinting, you may hurt yourself. Cutting large surfaces will require a degree of patience especially when it comes to using adhesives and cleaning solutions. 

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