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How To Stream PUBG Mobile On Facebook Live

Written by Altaf Shaikh

Do you want to stream PUBG Mobile On Facebook Live and other social media channels? If yes then here you’ll find all the information needed to get started with streaming PUBG Mobile On Facebook Live.

Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is a trending game with millions of players worldwide. The game was initially released on 23 March 2017 and become immensely popular within a short period of time. 

The game is totally free and you can download it from Google playstore, and enjoy the battleground experience in your Android device.

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Well, there are many social media channels where you can Stream games such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc. Streaming game is a hobby for most of the gamer out there and there is professional streamer who earns millions of dollar as well. 

But it’s not that easy, however, you can stream on Facebook to show skills to your friends or you might want to try it out for fun, whatever reason you have you can access everything by simply going through this post. 

In this post, I will show you the process on How To Stream PUBG Mobile On Facebook Live. So without further ado let’s jump into the main objective of this post.

How To Stream PUBG Mobile On Facebook Live Using DU Recorder 

To stream game on Facebook, you have to Install DU Recorder App from Google playstore, once you successfully installed the app in your Smartphone, follow the steps given below.

Now that you have installed the DU recorder app, you need to give access to the app so that it can successfully connect to your Facebook account and do the necessary settings. 

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DU recorder app lets you stream not only PUBG but any games that is installed in your device. Before you move into the steps you need have the DU recorder app installed in your device.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Gran Access To DU recorder app

Just open the DU recorder app and grant the access by clicking the agree or yes button, on subsequent screens.Stream PUBG mobile

Click on the video icon

Now you’ll see a video icon on your screen, tap on that icon after that you’ll see an icon written Live icon. Stream PUBG Mobile

Choose your platform

Click on the Live icon and choose where you want to start live streaming, there are three options twitch, Facebook, YouTube. In this case, I have chosen Facebook. Note you can stream on other sources using a similar way.Stream PUBG on facebook

Create title of your stream

Once You click on the Facebook icon, a new screen will open where you need to create a title for your live streaming and select with whom you wanted to share the live streaming.How to stream

Start Streaming

Once you have written your Title and selected the necessary option, just simply click the start button below to start the live streaming. as soon as you click on the start your streaming will be online and all your Facebook friends will get the notification of your live streaming. 

Now everything you do in your mobile phone will be shared with your Facebook Friends, you can play PUBG or any other games everything will be shown live in your Facebook account.

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Stream PUBG Mobile Using Omlet Arcade

The online gaming community is growing at a tremendous rate. There is now a dedicated platform for online gamers, just like facebook and youtube you can create your profile and interact with other online gamers, stream and watch other players streams and a lot more.

The topmost gaming social media landscapes are Twitch, Omlet Arcade, Discord, etc. The best part is all of these platforms has its Android application. If you are looking for streaming PubG Mobile on Facebook live then Omlet arcade is the most suitable application to do that.

You can not only stream PubG mobile but stream all other Android games that you may have installed in your Android Smartphone. Follow the steps given below to stream PubG mobile on Facebook,

At first, you’ll need to install the Omlet arcade Android App in your smartphone. Go to Google Playstore and install the Omlet Arcade, It’s free.

Once the installation is done, open the app and create a free account. It’s very easy, just follow the instructions given there.

Once the account is created, you’ll see a screen like this picture given below. At the bottom section click on that plus button.

Now, you’ll see the option for Go Live click on that to open the live settings.

Select the social media channel where you want to stream the game. For now, there are three option, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch, another option is for Custome.

You need to login to your social media account. Click on the icon and login using your personal Id and Password. After that click next.

As soon as you click the next button, a new pop-up screen will display the available games on your phone. select the game you want to stream. In my case, right now I don’t have the PubG game installed in my device, because. I’m trying out the all-new Call of duty beta version. 

After that, you’ll see a screen shown above. You can change the settings and titles here before starting the live stream. Click on the start button to start the live streaming.

That’s it. Your stream will start on the countdown.

Stream PUBG Mobile Emulator On PC

If you are using PC to play PUBG mobile through Tencent gaming buddy you can stream your games on Facebook via OBS studio software. 

OBS studio is broadcasting software which totally free comes under GPU license.

To stream PUBG Mobile On Facebook, You need to first download and install the OBS Studio in your PC.

Once you installed the software you have follow the steps given below to connect the OBS Studio with your Facebook live streaming channel.

Setting Up The OBS Studio And Facebook Live

You can use OBS Studio to stream or broadcast anything on Facebook as well as YouTube, twitch or any social media platform.

Its very easy to connect the OBS Studio to live streaming channel, simply copying the stream key to the settings and selecting the screen form the scene penal you can start to broadcast your games. 

I will show the quick tutorial on how I connected the OBS Studio with my Facebook Live stream.

Facebook Live Video

First of all open Facebook in your browser and sign in to your account, now click on the Live Video option, that will open up a new window where you’ll get the stream key and stream server ID. 

Facebook Live Stream Key

As you can see the picture above high lighted in the green square is the stream key you need to copy and paste it on your OBS Studio setting, note that you need to select the connect tab to get the these stream key on Facebook stream window.

Now that you have your stream key, open the OBS Studio and go to the settings window.

OBS Studio stream setting

Now click on the stream tab just below the general tab and select the service as Facebook live and paste your stream key on the given field after that click apply and ok.

Now you need to select the source in the source penal to do that click on the plus icon located just below in the source penal and select the display capture from the list.

Once you do that OBS studio will start to display your screen, now that everything is set up. You can start live streaming by clicking on the start streaming button located at the right corner below.

As soon as you click on the start streaming button your computer will be connected with the Facebook Live streaming channel, and you can broadcast anything displaying on your screen, don’t forget to click on the Go live button on the Facebook stream key screen. 

I hope you have found this post useful if you have any doubts regarding this post do let me know via comments, and if you also have any other techniques do share it with us, it will be much appreciated.

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