How to Start Your Own Bakery Cake Delivery Business: Step-by-step Guide

How to Start Your Own Bakery Cake Delivery Business
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Many businesses have shrunk down or gone out of business during this global pandemic and lockdown. But the bakery businesses did not get much affected, very surprisingly. This business has always been very profitable, but now during the lockdown, it has grown even bigger. When every other restaurant and food shop is closed, the only place to get delicious dessert and cakes is in the bakery shops. Even during birthdays, the only place you can rely on is the cake shop. These shops do not even need any particular place to run their businesses; it can be done from your own home. Even online delivery is possible. Online cake delivery in Mumbai of India is setting the world record for being the hub for online bakery businesses. How do you wonder?

This article is written to give you a detailed idea of how to open and run your cake delivery business profitably. Read the following to know more.

What a cake delivery/bakery business is

A cake shop or bakery is mainly a retail business that specializes in the production and sales of cakes. The shop may or may not produce them personally, but they deliver it either personally or via take-outs or through other food delivery organizations. The main desserts are cupcakes, sponges, doughnuts, muffins, pastries, birthday cakes, etc. But they also take special orders for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc., to make customized cakes.

Steps to run a successful cake business

A business will never get successful if you do not have a solid long-term plan for it. It also takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to grow your business. Follow the below-mentioned steps closely to get the best result.

Step-1: Pick a catchy tagline

The first and foremost step to have a successful business is to give it a catchy name and tagline by which people can recognize your bakery easily. A business must also have a special character such as a special dessert or cake for cake business that would create a crowd for your shop. To take an example, think about the signature dish of your favorite restaurant and why you like it. You will get an overall idea from it.

Step-2: Choose a good location

Unless you are thinking about doing a completely online-based business, you need a good location to reach out to your customers. 

Step-3: Register yourself

Once you have decided on the name and tagline, you must register your cakeshop officially and get licensed to do uninterrupted businesses. Also, maintain your food quality up to the standard stated in the law to have a trusty business. 

Step-4: A special menu

It is not good to serve the same type of dessert and cakes every day. The customers may come to your shop to taste the special menu, but it won’t have any long-lasting effect. To keep the crowd from going to other shops, you have to offer something very lucrative or make new dishes every day. For instance, you may change your menu based on the weather or the festive mood. Suppose you may offer a special discount to couples on weekends or prepare some special workday desserts to cheer up the tired customers, etc. It would not only increase your sales for the day but also would have a long-run positive effect on your business.

Step-5: Go online

Online businesses have become very profitable in the past few years, especially after lockdown. You must do your business online to get not only local customers but also long-distance customers. If you personally cannot deliver the orders, then arrange some delivery boys or organizations to buy online cake on your behalf.

Step-6: Advertisement and marketing

Once you have made a good reputation in the neighborhood and earned enough revenue, contact some good advertising company or agent to advertise for yourself. You can also do social media marketing by yourself to promote your business. 


Now that you have finally a detailed idea of starting a cake business and making profits out of it. You can make it an online and offline business, but the online platform is much more profitable and safer with the lockdowns going on. It also doesn’t need any special location or good atmosphere. You can take some ideas from order cake online in Ghaziabad review articles to understand how one of the biggest online bakery markets is growing so fast.

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