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How To Remove Skin Moisture By Home Remedies

How to Cure Skin Moisture : Everyone’s skin type is different. Most people have oily skin. Oily skin is also the cause of many problems. Actually, pimples and acnes come out more on oily skin than on other skin types. There can be many reasons for oily skin, which can be fatty food and chemical-rich products. Sometimes the reason for oily skin is also to take more stress. However, with some measures you can remove this moisture of the skin, so let’s know the home remedies to get rid of oily skin-

egg white

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You can also use egg white to remove the moisture from the face. Actually, the white part of the egg is rich in vitamin A, which can solve this problem. For this, prepare a paste by mixing lemon in the egg and apply it on the face. This will remove the excess oil from the face.

Multani Mitti

You can also use multani mitti to remove facial oil. This is the easiest home remedy. For this, mix multani mitti with rose water and apply it on the face and wash it after drying.

use yogurt

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Curd can also remove excess moisture from the face. Actually, curd helps in absorbing excess oil from the face. For this, apply curd on the face by whipping and after 15 minutes wash the face with cold water. Facial oil will give relief.

Besan and Turmeric

You can also use gram flour and turmeric to make the skin oil free. It removes tanning along with oil. It also removes dead skin cells. For this, take a big spoon of gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Now prepare a thick paste and add lemon to it and apply it on the face. After washing with cold water, you will see that the excess moisture from your skin has been removed.

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