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How To Protect Bathroom Door From Water

Protect Bathroom Door : Often we pay attention to the furniture and cleanliness of the house. Apart from this, many types of measures are followed to protect the doors of the houses from moisture and water, but it becomes a little difficult to protect the doors of the bathroom from water. At the same time, many people also forget to protect it from moisture. If your bathroom doors start getting damaged due to moisture, then for this you can follow some of the following measures. With the help of these measures, the humidity of the bathroom doors can be reduced. Let’s know how to protect bathroom doors from moisture?

install aluminum gates

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If the doors of the bathroom are getting damaged again and again, then instead of wooden doors, get aluminum gates installed. Aluminum gates do not swell. At the same time, if we talk about the wooden gate, then it starts swelling as soon as water is applied. It is known that aluminum doors are cheap as well as water proof.

Seal the can with colq tape

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Bathroom doors often get damaged due to waterlogging. In this situation, to protect the bathroom, you put caulk tape on the doors. Water can be kept away from the doors by applying colk tape on the gate. It can save bathroom doors from getting damaged.

protect the door from tung oil

Apply tung oil to the doors of the bathroom. It acts like water resistance. In such a situation, it can save the ravens from the water. Also, the use of tung oil gives finishing to the door.

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