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How To Prepare Perfect Upma Vegetable Upma Recipe

Restaurant Style Upma Recipe: If you feel like eating something healthy and tasty immediately, then the name of Upma comes first in the mind. Upma is an easy to make and nutritious dish. Upma is very much liked by everyone, from children to elders. Upma is a good option for breakfast. Upma can be prepared in minutes. Upma is a quick digestible food. It is good to eat and eat soft upma, but some people complain that their upma becomes sticky. In such a situation, you do not need to worry, you can make a feeding analogy by following these tips.

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Tips for making Khila-khila Upma
1- First of all, you should use good quality and thick semolina to make upma. This will make the upma edible.
2- To make upma, roast the semolina on low flame. You don’t have to fry it too much.
3- It is necessary to have the correct measurement of all the things while making the analogy. If you have taken 1 bowl of semolina, then measure and add 3 bowls of water in it.
4- When the vegetables are cooked, add semolina while stirring slowly. Due to this there will be no lumps in the upma.
5- Cover the upma for a while and cook it on slow flame, due to which the semolina will swell well and the vegetables will also melt. Switch off the gas and add some lemon juice to the upma.
Now whenever you feel like eating something light and tasty, you can make upma feeding quickly. By making upma in this way, the taste will remain perfect. Take care of the quantity of semolina and water in you upma.

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