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How To Plant Giloy Benefits Of Giloy Home Remedy For Corona How To Boost…

Benefits Of Giloy: Giloy plant is considered like nectar in Ayurveda because of its properties. Immunity is strengthened by drinking decoction of Giloy. You can also drink Giloy in the form of tea by just boiling it in water. This removes the problem of cold and flu. Apart from protecting the body from diseases, it has a big advantage that it can be easily applied anywhere. This plant looks very beautiful even after planting

giloy is the easiest to plant
If you want to plant such a plant in summer, whose maintenance is less and if it looks beautiful planted in the house, then nothing is better than Giloy. Just put a stick of this plant in a pot or in the ground and after that there is no need to do any hard work. Not only the root of Giloy, but the stick also increases and very beautiful leaves come on it. This plant grows in the shape of a bell

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Enhance the beauty of the house with Giloy
The leaves coming out of the stick are betel shaped. They grow like a vine and spread on the ground or anywhere. The leaves of Giloy vine are very green and look very beautiful to see. The special thing is that this vine does not require much maintenance. This plant of Giloy can also be kept in the balcony or bedroom. This vine looks exactly like a money plant.

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Giloy removes negativity
When you wake up in the morning, if you see a very green plant or vine, then the mind becomes happy. This Giloy is also a very beautiful vine-like plant, seeing which positive energy comes. Giloy plant also removes the negativity of the house. The good thing about this plant is that it can be planted anywhere indoor-outdoor.

this plant is nectar
The benefits of Giloy are so many, due to which this plant is considered very useful. Drinking Giloy stick boiled in water increases immunity and provides relief in cold, cough and fever. Giloy also gives relief in corona. You can make a decoction of Giloy, chew its leaves as well as make its juice.

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