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How to make video call on WhatsApp? this is the easy way

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Through this app, users not only get the facility of chatting and voice calls, but WhatsApp also provides users with the option of making video calls. Video calling feature on WhatsApp is absolutely free, all you need is a working internet connection for video calling. The best part is that you can enjoy WhatsApp video calls on the web version as well. Let’s know how to make video call on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: How to make video calls from a smartphone

Through the smartphone, you can make one-to-one WhatsApp video calls as well as group video calls. As we mentioned, the process is quite simple, to make a call, follow these steps-

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1. First of all open WhatsApp on your smartphone and then go to the contact whom you want to video call.

2. Open the chat and click on the camera icon to make a video call.

Along with one-to-one calls, you can also do group video calls on your smartphone, let’s know how to add other members in a video call.

1. During a WhatsApp video call, click on the Add Participant button on the top left.

2. Then click on Choose a contact and then Tap Add.

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Also, apart from adding individual members during a video call, you can also make direct group video calls. Follow these steps to make group video call.

1. Open WhatsApp and select the group with whose members you want to make a group video call.

2. After the chat is open, click on the camera icon above and start the video call.

At present, the facility of group video calls and voice calls is available on WhatsApp with up to 8 members.

WhatsApp Web Video Call

How to make video call through WhatsApp Web, follow these steps-

1. First of all open WhatsApp Web and login to your account.

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2. Now click on the vertical dots and tap on Create a Room.

3. Now you will see a pop-up, click on Continue to proceed. Keep in mind, you don’t need a Facebook account to make video calls like this.

4. Now create the room and you are ready to make a video call.

5. All you have to do is share the video call link on your WhatsApp with the people you want to make a video call with.

Through the Facebook Messenger Rooms feature, up to 50 people can enjoy group video calls simultaneously.

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