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How To Make Money On Steemit

Make Money On Steemit
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Steemit is a blockchain based social media platform where its users earn rewards for participating on the platform. Simply, you can make money on Steemit.

Now the question is how?

Well, just like every other social media that you may already be using, i,e Reddit, Facebook, Instagram. You upload photos, videos etc similarly on Steemit you can do the same and you’ll get paid for doing so.

Make Money On Steemit

Steemit is mainly focused on blogging, so a good quality content is all it required to get huge followers and thus earn money, you must have to be consistent and provide value to your followers, as it is still on the beta version the competition isn’t that hard yet, so if you think that you are great content creator then you can give it a try.

There are many ways you can earn from Steemit, but my favorite is the video blogging, so if you have a channel on Youtube with lots of videos, then you can reupload those videos on DTube which is also the part of Steemit platform, named in a different section for video bloggers.

Ways To Make Money On Steemit

Writing Blog Posts On Steemit

Blogging is the primary sector on Steemit so if you are a blogger or have a passion for writing, or want to share your thoughts with people, then it can earn a huge reward, but your contents should be Interesting to build a huge follower base. Because the bigger the number of followers the bigger will be the rewards.

Make Money On Steemit

It may take some time to acquire the huge followings as blogging is a quite time-consuming way of making money, and it requires lots of efforts to continuously write, it’s something that can not be done quickly but if done properly can pay off a big way.

Commenting And Upvoting

Writing is not that everyone can do, so there’s another easier way to make money on Steemit, is By just simply posting a comment on the others blog post or upvoting others comments in the feed.

Make Money On Steemit

But comparing to blogging payout for commenting and upvoting is way lot less. So you have to do a lot of it. The more insightful and relevant comment you can post the more likely your comments will be upvoted by the other Steemit users.

Uploading Videos On DTube

If you are one of those who love to create videos and share everyday life with people around the world. Then here is your chance to earn a lot of passive income just by uploading videos on DTube. If you already have a channel on Youtube with lots of videos, then you can upload those videos on Dtube and monetize them as well.

Make Money On Steemit

The possibilities to earn money on Steemit platform is countless, you might find many more ways though you have to actively interact with people in the community and provide values and eventually the outcome will be huge. The Steemit platform is still in its early stage so just imagine what it may become after a decade.

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