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How To Lose Your Weight Fast After Delivery Breastfeeding Benefits For…

Women Health Benefits Of Breast Feeding: Whether you want to breast feed your baby or give formula milk for the first time after birth is your own personal decision. No one, even doctors can impose their decision on you in this regard. But always the doctor will advise you to breast feed your child. This is because breast feeding is very important for the good health of both the new-born baby and its mother.

It is being explained here how the health of the child is benefited if the child gets the mother’s milk and how it benefits the mother who does the feeding. While reading this topic, you will think that everyone knows that mother’s milk should be given to the child because it is very beneficial. But have you ever wondered why some women prefer to feed formula milk instead of breast feeding their child? Learn here…

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Why do women choose formula milk?

  • Women choose formula milk over breast feeding for many reasons.
  • They don’t know the right way to feed the baby
  • I am afraid of losing my figure
  • The thought of losing breast skin scares them
  • Husband’s interest will decrease if the figure is bad, this thought bothers them
  • Some women are missing alcohol and smoking, so they keep the baby away from breast feeding. So that the things consumed by them do not have a bad effect on the health of the child.

Benefits of breast feeding to women

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  • You will be surprised to know but it is true that breast feeding plays a big role in reducing the increased weight during pregnancy. Women who feed their baby with their milk lose weight more easily than women who do not do so.
  • Women who breastfeed their child have a significantly lower risk of diabetes than women who do not do so. The special thing is that children who get to drink mother’s milk for enough time, they also have less risk of getting diabetes.
  • Women who already have sugar, if they give birth to a child by taking all precautions and then breastfeed, then they do not need a lot of insulin to control their sugar.

For how many days should the baby be breast fed?

  • Every child should get mother’s milk for at least 6 months. This keeps the health of both the child and the mother good. But if possible, give breast feeding to the child till the age of one year.
  • Every woman should know this truth related to breast feeding that when you stop breast feeding the baby, the production of milk automatically stops. Because your brain does not get signals for this, it does not give signals to the milk glands to make milk. That is, when you stop feeding the baby, then slowly the production of milk also stops.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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