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How to protect bank details and mobile wallet in case of phone theft

Do you know that thieves these days are looking for only one thing after grabbing your mobile phone? Your bank details. We must not forget that more and more people are making digital payments nowadays and use different apps. It is not so difficult for smartphone thieves to access these wallets. For example, criminals in So Paulo, Brazil, allegedly stole iPhone handsets not to sell them but to access bank details of the owners of these devices and steal their money.
With such incidents coming to the fore, it becomes very important to be careful. If you lose your phone, then you can prevent misuse of your phone or its data by the following methods.

Block your SIM card

block your sim card
First and foremost it is to ensure that the phone number is not misused in case the phone is lost. Blocking the SIM card means blocking every app on the phone that can be accessed through OTP. You can always get the same old number reissued on a new SIM card. It may take some time, but your privacy and mobile wallet are far more important.

Block access to mobile banking services

turn off mobile banking services
Phone thieves can easily access your bank details so it is very important to stop the bank services at that time. Your SIM card and mobile app go hand in hand as no transfer can happen without OTP on the registered number. But as soon as the phone is lost or stolen, both should be blocked.

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Deactivate UPI payment

Deactivate UPI Payment
A little delay can cost you dearly. Once you deprive a phone thief from access to online banking services, the thief can try to tamper with other conveniences such as UPI payments. So this also needs immediate attention. Deactivate it as soon as possible.

Block all mobile wallets

block all mobile wallets
Mobile wallets have made life very easy. But if your phone falls into the wrong hands, then mobile wallets like Google Pay and Paytm can prove to be expensive. Contact the help desk of the app concerned and ensure that no one is given access until you reset the wallet on a new device.

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Go to the police, file a report

file a police report
Once you have followed all the above steps, it is also necessary to report your stolen device to the authorities. You can file a phone theft report at the nearest police station and also take a copy of the FIR from them. If your phone is misused or your money is stolen through your phone, then this copy will prove to be useful as evidence for you.

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