Sunday, September 24, 2023

How to Get a OnePlus One India-Specific Invite

While the impending OnePlus One launch in India on December 2 has already caused much excitement, the fact that one needs an invite to buy the ‘2014 Flagship Killer’ has left several readers confused about how to procure one (pun unintended) – some going so far as to say Xiaomi’s much-criticised flash sale system may have been a better option for the company.

Whether a flash sale or an invite system is better is arguable, however, for those interested in buying a OnePlus One smartphone, here is a quick guide on how to procure one. Note, all India-specific invites only be awarded after December 2. As specified by the company earlier, users who managed to procure the global variant of the smartphone will be able to avail warranty in India.

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Also to be noted, is that a OnePlus One invite is only valid for 48 hours from when the invite is generated

Subscribe to the OnePlus newsletter: Users can subscribe to the limited subscription OnePlus newsletter on the company’s India site, where after registering their email ID they will be automatically added to a lucky draw with a chance to win an invite.

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Take part in Amazon’s contest for invites: Amazon says users can earn invites by spotting and clicking on the ‘One in a 1000’ contest across the Internet, including select social media websites. A total of 1,000 of the users that spot and click these contest ads will win an invite.

Like or follow OnePlus Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts: The company will be running marketing or engagement events on its social media properties through which it will give out invites.

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Request a friend: Anyone who managed to purchase a OnePlus One smartphone will also receive an invite that can be shared with friends or family (or complete strangers) – these invites are distributed typically between 3 and 6 weeks of the purchase.

Join the OnePlus forum: Users who join the OnePlus One forum can either win an invite via an engagement event or contest, or through other forum members distributing invites.



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