Gain Instagram Followers Instantly By This 5 Proven Strategies

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INSTAGRAM? well, it’s another loved social media platform with millions of active users worldwide and is growing
faster with more and more numbers of people creating an account.Okay now, you either are a new in Instagram or having
an account possibly looking with no clue by all means to gain or grow an Instagram follower.Bet you are not the only one?
OKAY! here now, hold your breath and easy go now, don’t worry the following points here are the possible ways
or a simply fun way to gain followers.

1.Quality Matters.

To begin with, Instagram is all about photos and videos, now remember the time when you follow someone on Instagram
seeing their photos and activities expecting them to post more about their activities. Remember it’s not only about the
activities that got your eyes, it is the picture quality that catches your eyes on it. This could be the possible reason
why people are turning off following you or follow you back. So next time you think of posting something, better come up with such quality that you might want to look yourself over and over again until you fall in love with your picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you might be thinking you have to be a good looking face or take a picture on a beautiful place, hotel or restaurant?

2.Post Photos Regularly.

You follow to those celebrities, successful person, popular pages, and memes and other people is because you
were hoping to see more about it. In the same way, when someone follows you, they expect to see a lot more than you already
have in your feed, posting regularly let them engage in your activities and they love that. If they love to see you post why don’t you do it?So with no doubt keep posting consistently, regularly or daily if possible.And in this way it also makes your
followers feel your presence.

3.Use Hashtags.

One sure way to attract or draws people to your account is by using the power of hashtags (#). Hashtag enables the users to browse images/videos they want to see, which in result attract the followers. Observe how other people use hashtags or you
may find some other popular hashtags you didn’t think of. And I highly recommend using lots of hashtags, not to hesitate using all of the 30 hashtags (#).So one absolute way to attract followers is not to forget using hashtag ###.

4.Post Video.

Don’t only filled your feeds with photos, Instagram has also a video option which ranges only up to 60 secs.

And videos are the best way to communicate, share or socialize with your followers. In that way, you can keep your followers entertaining and keep more engaging on what they love to see in you.

5.Hit Likes, Comment On Others Post, Respond To Comments.

Well, this is another tricky way to get the followers if you’re serious about gaining tons of followers. Commenting on other post
let other people notice you and chances are you getting the stalk in your account and get the follow button click. Make sure you
respond the comments on your photos, when they show you an interest and appreciate them or at least click the likes button when you think you wouldn’t be able to reply each one of them. In that way, you won’t lose your followers.

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84 shares, 72 points

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