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How To Fix Broken Lipstick How To Fix Broken Compact Powder How To Fix…

How To Fix Broken Makeup Product: You bought your favorite lipstick worth thousand rupees but accidentally fell from your hands and broke. Many times, even the children inadvertently fall and break the expensive makeup products, then it feels very sad. But if this happens then there is no need to get angry or upset on the child. Broken makeup products can be easily corrected at home and reused.
how to mend broken lipstick
If your lipstick is broken in the middle then there is no need to worry. Melt the lipstick a little from the broken side. You can take a gas lighter or candle to melt the lipstick. After this, add both the broken pieces and keep them in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Your lipstick will be back like never before
how to fix eyeshadow palette
If your eyeshadow has fallen out, some of the shades may have started falling out. Those shades are not even usable and make the entire makeup kit dirty. To fix the eyeshadow, take out the broken shades in a separate bowl and then make a fine powder of them. After this add 1-2 drops of alcohol and keep that paste back in the shadow box like clay. Leave it to dry for 3-4 hours and your eyeshadow will be just like before
how to fix broken compact powder
You can use the same method for compact powder as applied to the formula eyeshadow. If the compact powder is broken and it is falling, then take out all the powder in a bowl. After this, make a powder and add 2-3 drops of alcohol and then set that paste in the case of compact. After this let the compact powder dry completely and then use it comfortably.

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