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How To Eat Radish According To Ayurveda Best Time To Eat Radish Or Mooli…

Ayurvedic Tips To Eat Radish: Radish is mostly used in making salads, vegetables and parathas. Apart from this, people also like to eat radish pickle. Radish parathas are liked by everyone, but if they are consumed in breakfast, then believe me, you have to spend the whole day very carefully so that the situation of embarrassment does not arise. Hope you understand our point…

Well, most people know that after eating radish, a lot of gas is produced in the stomach. Because of this, having uncontrollable fart and passing gas is very uncomfortable at times. This is the reason why most people avoid eating radish parathas or vegetables etc. before going to office. This is a big reason why paratha lovers reserve radish parathas for the Sunday menu!

right time to eat radish

  • You should eat raw radish or any food item made from it in the afternoon or when after eating it, you do not have to work sitting at one place for a long time, as usually we all sit in one seat in the office. Work while sitting. This is because it may cause flatulence, abdominal pain or pain in any other part of the body.
  • When after eating radish, you do any such work, in which you remain physically active or take a light walk, then gas does not accumulate in the stomach and along with digestion, the stomach is also not disturbed. But when you are sitting then the possibility of flatulence or stomach pain increases a lot.
  • Radish should not be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning or late at night. Doing this causes harm to the body instead of benefit. Because radish is cool in effect and gas increases air in the body. In such a situation, there is a possibility of stomach pain on eating empty stomach and there is a fear of getting cold along with pain and gas on eating radish late at night.

What is the right way to eat radish?

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  • It is very important to know in which way radish should be eaten so that you can take advantage of all its natural properties. According to Ayurveda, radish should never be eaten in dinner. You have already understood the reason why radish should not be eaten at night.
  • Also, know that raw radish should not be consumed even with food. That is, eating raw radish in the form of salad with food is prohibited in Ayurveda. Because in Ayurveda, eating raw and cooked food together is considered prohibited. That is, doing this has a bad effect on the digestive system.
  • So whenever you feel like eating raw radish or salad prepared from radish, eat it in the break between two meals. Like around 12 o’clock in the day or between 3 to 4 in the afternoon. At this time the weather is also hot and by consuming radish, hunger also starts to open till lunch or dinner.

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