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How To Do Pedicure At Home Remedy To Clean Foot How To Do Foot Spa Remove…

Foot Care Tips: If you want your feet to shine like your face, then take full care of your feet in this season. In fact, due to socks and shoes in winter, the feet are covered and do not look dirty, but due to being open in summer, as well as due to sunlight and dust and soil, they look black and dry. If you also want beautiful, soft and fair feet, then definitely follow these methods.

1-Take full care of the feet- Take full care of your feet while bathing in the heat. Every second or third day, clean with a pumice stone or loofah by applying soap or body wash. After that apply a good moisturizer. If this routine is followed, the dirt will be removed from the feet and will remain soft.

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Do 2-home pedicure- If you do not want to get a pedicure done in the parlor due to laziness or feeling expensive, then definitely do this work at home. Pedicure at home is very easy. Simply put shampoo in lukewarm water in a big tub and keep it for 10 minutes, after that clean soft soap, scrub a little and after that apply a good cream on the feet.

3- Feet will shine even with scrub- Do not forget to scrub your feet once a week. This removes tanning and at the same time cleans the dead skin. Especially the area around the heel does not turn black and the torn heels also remain clean.

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4-Take care of nailpaint- Apply good quality nailpaint on the feet. If the nail paint is getting spoiled, then clean it completely and apply a new one thoroughly. Also, take care in the nail paint that if you have white feet, apply red or very bright color. If the color of the feet is a bit dusky, then use light pink, nude shade and slightly sober colored nailpaints.

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5-Do foot spa at home- If you want, you can buy a foot spa machine from the market. With this you can easily take spa at home. For foot spa, you can take cold or slightly lukewarm water as you wish. You can also add some fragrance oil to it. Your feet will feel great with this spa.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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