How to convert m4a to mp3

How to convert m4a to mp3
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Do you want to change the format of your music on iPhone from M4A to MP3? To play M4A files on regular MP3 players or burn them to MP3 CDs, converting these M4A files to MP3 may be necessary. Use Evano Audio Converter software to convert m4a to mp3 easily. This converter is free and fast. Convert your favorite songs from your Apple device to universal format with just a few clicks and listen to them on PC, music player, and any media player!

Converting M4a to MP3 is, of course, possible without registration! Evano m4a to mp3 converter offers you a free option to convert many file formats. Even with music, you can convert m4a to mp3 format with the best online m4a to mp3 converter. How exactly it works and why it is a significant transformation in many cases, we tell you here.

What is the M4a format? 

The m4a format is part of the MPEG-4 family, which is a container format in which many different multimedia contents can be stored. Fairly classic is the MP4 extension for videos, but also audio files can be stored in MPEG-4 format. These then often have the end m4a. However, many mp3 players and smartphones do not support m4a files. So, to play songs safely on all devices, it makes sense to set a more common standard and convert m4a to mp3.

Convert music easily – Convert m4a to mp3 with Evano converter

Evano is free; open-source software was developed to allow anyone to work with audio the way they want. Some of the features of the Evano mp4 to mp3 converter program include the ability to record an audio file, work with various audio tracks, edit the same tracks, and convert them to different file formats. Our website uses cookies. The cookies improve the functionality of the website.

Features of Evano m4a to mp3 converter

  • All your media files in the desired format!
  • Convert video, audio, DVD, and image files
  • Enjoy super-fast conversions without losing quality
  • Improve quality, adjust sound, combine files before converting
  • Record video and audio clips for mobile devices
  • Supports almost all formats.
  • Listen to music with the built-in player.
  • ID3 tags support.
  • Convert multiple files.
  • Professional quality.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It is entirely free.

This article will reveal everything about the best m4a to mp3 converter and all the steps needed to convert m4a to mp3 using Evano, the best m4a to mp3 converter. We will also tell you about the file formats supported by Evano.

How to convert M4A file to MP3 for free using Evano free m4a to mp3 converter?

With converting m4a to mp3 is child’s play. With just a few clicks, even larger m4a files can be converted into convenient MP3 files on the go or online, as well as uploading to social media. Below are the main steps to download m4a to mp3 using Evano converter:

  1. Go to
  2. Import your files
  3. Choose output format
  4. Set quality
  5. Convert M4A to MP3
  6. Go to 

Go to to convert m4a files from your device to MP3 for free.

2 Add M4A file

Add M4A files in converter software to convert them to MP3 using the “+ Audio” button. You can either drag and drop your songs to convert or go to the “File” menu and choose “Add Audio.”

Evano M4A to MP3 file Converter can change single song format like batch transform audio files. With Evano, you can also convert YouTube clips to audio format. To do so, please use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter by Evano.

3 Choose “in MP3.”

Choose the MP3 option among the multiple formats available as the output format for your file. Click the “to MP3” button in the list of formats at the bottom of the software. Then choose the audio quality for your new audio file.

To change M4A to MP3, keeping the original sound quality, we recommend using the “Best Quality” profile before converting. You can either define your own profile or choose from one of the predefined profiles (from 96 kbps to 320 kbps). Please note that Evano M4A to MP3 Converter cannot improve the original sound quality when converting between formats.

4 Select file quality

If none of the predetermined profiles meet your needs, go to the “Add Profile” option in the converter. Here you will find the conversion parameters to configure: audio channel (mono or stereo), sample rate, bit rate.

After defining all the necessary file quality parameters, confirm your selection by clicking on the “OK” button. Now you can convert your files following step 5.

5 Convert M4A to MP3

Select a folder to save your new files, and then click on the “Convert” option and wait for the conversion to complete. At the end of the converting process, play your music to make sure you have converted your audio tracks correctly.

With Evano software, you can also download and transfer-free music to iPhone and iPod.

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When it comes to converting M4A files to MP3 format, Evano can come in very handy. With this online software, you can quickly convert media files and easily transfer files to your mobile device. For the conversion on the computer, different programs are available to convert m4a to mp3– but what if you want to upload an m4a file and are on the go or need to go fast? On, you can easily convert your m4a files via a download form into mp3 audio files. You only have to download the corresponding file; the conversion starts immediately. With, this is done in three steps: download the file, select the target format and download it. Converting m4a files to mp3 format using Evano has another advantage: Unlike m4a files, mp3 files are always relatively small. This is perfect for emails or old mp3 players that have limited storage capacity. Unlike mp3 format, compression in m4a format is much lower, and files can also be stored losslessly. Download it and try it now.

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