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iPhone’s battery health is hidden in the battery log file, here’s how to find out

Battery health feature is provided in iPhone models. This gives you a better idea of ​​the deteriorating battery capacity of your phone over time. Along with this, some tools are also provided in it, which can increase the life of the battery and prevent the battery from getting damaged soon. You can also check your phone’s battery health by ‘Charge cycle count’. Battery charge cycle count is the number of times that your phone’s battery is fully charged and how many times it is completely uncharged.

A cycle count is completed when the iPhone has completely drained the battery. Even if you re-charge the battery in between, the cycle doesn’t count until it’s completely discharged.

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How to Check iPhone Battery Charge Cycle Count

Like other phone batteries, the iPhone battery also loses its capacity over time. If the battery gets too weak then both the performance of the phone and the time to use the phone decreases. According to Apple, a normal battery is designed to maintain 80 percent capacity for 500 cycles under normal conditions. Users can refer to the steps given below to find out if your phone’s battery has reached till this point. The battery log can be viewed only if the user has enabled analytics sharing in the phone. to confirm that you Privacy going to options Analytics & Information can check.

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You check it in this order- Settings app > Privacy > Analytics and Improvements

  1. Now click on Analytics Data to see the list of log files in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the last file that begins with ‘log-aggregated’.
  2. Now copy the inner content by selecting this file. You can also share it on any app. But keep in mind that they contain a lot of content.
  3. Now paste all the contents of this log file in the Notes app.
  4. Now click on the action icon at the top right and then select Find in Note.
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Search for ‘BatteryCycleCount’ here and the number you see after that is your iPhone’s charge cycle count.

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