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How to cancel Amazon India Prime membership

Canceling an Amazon Prime membership is quite simple and the process is completed in a few steps. Amazon offers many benefits to its Prime customers. There is no minimum order requirement for one-day and two-day delivery, non-prime member access to regular sales and lighting deals, and standard delivery for standard delivery. Prime members of this US company get many more benefits. These include Prime Music, Prime Video and Prime Reading. The company also provides same day delivery facility to Prime members to eligible destinations.

If you want to cancel your Prime membership for any reason, then you can get it done. One big reason could be its price. In India, this membership is available with a fee of Rs 329 per three months or Rs 999 per year. However, it is much cheaper inside India than in the US. In the US, this subscription is available for a fee of $12.99 (approximately Rs 960) per month. There its annual fee is $119 (approximately Rs.8,760). At this price, you might not want to stick with it.

It is worth noting here that from the date for which you have subscribed, even after cancellation, it will continue for that time. It means that for example if you have subscribed for three months and after one month you want to cancel it then even after that it will continue for two months. Therefore, the advantage of canceling the subscription is that after the end of the period when the auto-renewal time occurs, the subscription is closed at that time and the auto-renewal stops. However, customers can ask its customer service department to cancel the subscription through Amazon’s app or website.

Follow these steps if you want to cancel your subscription manually through your mobile app or computer.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

You can cancel Amazon Prime membership by visiting its website by following the steps given below. If you want to know the steps to cancel through the app, then look further.

  1. Customer Go to the website and login to your account.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the top left and select Your Account.
  3. Now click on Prime option.
  4. After that click on Manage membership link. Here you will see a drop-down list. Here select Manage Membership.
  5. Now click on End Membership Option.
  6. Now Amazon shows you a screen telling you how much money you’ve saved on your delivery fees since you signed up.
  7. Now click on Continue to Cancel.

Now you see a screen on which there will be an End on (Expiry date of your Prime membership) button. Now your Prime membership will definitely get canceled as soon as it comes to the renewal date.

If you would like to receive a reminder three days before the renewal of the subscription, you can click on the Remind me later button. Even at the time of subscribing, you see the End Now button on Amazon for three days. If you do not find yourself satisfied with the service within the first three days, you may cancel the subscription immediately. For this the company refunds you for the remainder or full term of the subscription. This refund is done through a credit note.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership using the app

  1. Follow the steps below to cancel your Amazon subscription from your smartphone through the app.
  2. Go to the Amazon app on your phone.
  3. After that click on the hamburger menu button at the bottom right.
  4. Now tap on Prime.
  5. Click on Manage My Membership written in front of Prime Title.
  6. Now tap on Manage membership drop down menu and then select Manage Membership option.
  7. Click on End Membership here.
  8. Now on the screen you will be shown how much fees you have saved on delivery since you subscribed. Scroll down this screen to the bottom.
  9. Here tap on Continue to Cancel and then click on End on (the end date of your Prime membership) button.

It is worth noting here that once you cancel your Prime membership, you will no longer be able to take advantage of services like Prime Video or Prime Music.

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