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How to be healthy? Staying healthy is most important for life, but many times people make themselves sick in the pursuit of staying fit. By over-exercising or wanting to look too thin, they spoil their health. What is being healthy in the true sense and how can we stay healthy in today’s routine, know these useful tips for this

Don’t take care of zero figure Being thin is a good thing because being overweight causes more diseases, but it does not mean that you should fall in the trap of zero figure. Teenage girls do not like obesity, in the same way, wanting to be skinny after the age of 35-40 is also not the right fitness. Sometimes film actresses and celebrities are seen in zero figure even at the age of 50-55 but keep in mind that they are in show business where their job is to work on their art and figure along with a dedicated expert team. Which follows the right kind of exercise and diet. If you have this facility, then try to look slim, otherwise you should have weight according to your age and there is no harm in being 1-2 kg up and down, but you may be light but away from diseases. It’s good

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Wrong to want to make abs There is also a big trend of making 6 pack abs or 8 pack abs by looking at movie stars. But before trying it, keep in mind that celebrities are accompanied by a whole team of fitness trainers, their dieticians who take care of proper eating and drinking along with workouts. In such a situation, do not fall into the trap of making abs without any good trainer and diet. Staying healthy is more important than a toned and abs body, so do workouts but to stay healthy and not to show body.

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Stay fit and be happy- Today’s lifestyle is such that physical workouts are not possible in it, so try to do some kind of exercise daily. If you want, you can walk, swim or cycling. You can do yoga at any time. Apart from routine exercise, keep in mind that eat healthy and light food. Whether it is heart disease or anything else, it is not necessary that as soon as 1-2 kg of weight increases, it will be taken from the body. Actually staying fit is the moto of life and not making excessively slim and toned body. Along with staying fit, learn the art of keeping yourself stress free, which will keep minor diseases away on their own.

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Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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