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How to Activate and Turn Off Automatic App Updates on Android

The more apps you have on your phone or tablet, the greater the stress of keeping them updated. Most of the time developers release updates even for minor bugs. Many of these updates are not very necessary.

Now you are not so empty in life that you will take special care of updates every time. That’s why in Android, you get a default option on Google Play, with the help of which the app automatically updates when there is only Wi-Fi network.

But many times it happens that you do not want to update the app. There can be many reasons for this. Unlike the Apple App Store, the Play Store gives users more flexibility to decide on auto-updates.

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How to turn off automatic updates on specific apps on Android
If you like auto updates, but want to prevent selected apps from updating, here’s the way. To turn off automatic updates for a specific app.

1. Open Google Play Store.
2. Touch the hamburger icon in the top left. Then select My Apps or Games. After that, swipe up to select the app of your choice. If you want, you can also search for them by typing the name of the app through the search icon.
3. After reaching the app page, click on the three dots in the top right corner.
4. After that uncheck auto update.

enough. After that the app will never update automatically. If you want to update the app, then once again you have to go to the Play Store and give permission for the update. Rest of the apps will keep updating automatically.

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How to turn off automatic updates for all apps on Android
1. Open Google Play Store.
2. Click on the icon shown on the left. After that, swipe up and select Settings.
3. Now tap on Auto Update Apps under General.
4. After that select the first option Do not auto-update apps.

Not a single app will update automatically after doing this. If you want, then you can activate the auto update option by going to Google Play Store.

If you have unlimited data plan then you can activate auto update on cellular data as well.

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How to Activate Auto Updates on Android
1. Open Google Play Store.
2. Tap on the icon in the top left. Swipe up and select Settings.
3. Under the General section, select Auto update apps.
4. If you want to update over Wi-Fi only, select the third option – Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.
5. If you want updates at any time, select the second option: Auto-update apps at any time.

Remember that in the second option, the update will be downloaded in cellular data as well, that is, it will affect your mobile data bill. Think again before choosing this option.

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