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How Prevent Fungus Problem In Rainy Season Avoid Fungus In Food Kitchen…

Fungus In Kitchen Items: As soon as the monsoon arrives, you will see insects and spiders roaming everywhere. Due to dampness and moisture in the rain, many types of bacteria start growing in the kitchen. Especially the food items go bad fast. In the rain, things start rotting due to moisture. Fungus comes in many things. In such a situation, you should keep checking things from time to time. If something is kept closed, then definitely open it and see it. There is also a risk of many types of skin allergies by eating fungus-laden things.

Once the fungus starts coming in the house, then it spreads to other things as well. This fungus spreads very fast in wet and low light places. In such a situation, we are giving you some tips that will help in protecting your belongings from fungus.

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how to avoid fungus

  • In monsoon, moisture is created due to humidity in the air. In such a situation, try to eat fresh air inside the house.
  • On the day when the sun comes out, you open all the windows and doors. Sunlight does not allow fungus and bacteria to grow.
  • Do not keep furniture or book shelf glued to the wall in the rain. The fungus comes in the wettest places or on the wall, which spreads in your front.
  • Make sure to run exhaust fan while cooking food in the kitchen. This will keep the moisture low and the risk of fungus will also be reduced.
  • Use an exhaust fan in the bathroom as well. After taking a shower, open the bathroom door and wipe the floor thoroughly.
  • Do not use showers, curtains and thick mats while bathing in monsoon. Due to this moisture remains in the bathroom, the risk of fungus increases.
  • If the AC or basin pipe of your house is leaking, then get it fixed immediately.
  • When the sun rises, expose the spices and pulses to sunlight in the open. With this, these things can be saved from getting spoiled.
  • Do not store items in the kitchen for a long time. This can make things worse.
  • Keep things in the house open in ventilated places. This will reduce moisture and dampness and things will be fine.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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