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How much water you need to drink during the pregnancy know experts…

Extreme care should be taken during pregnancy. Food should also be taken care of. Uncontrolled and unhealthy diet can harm both mother and child. It is also very important to take care of the amount of water during pregnancy. To keep ourselves healthy and fit, one must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily, so that our body remains well hydrated. But experts say that it is important for pregnant women to take only the right amount of water, neither too much nor too little.

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Nutritionist Preetika Bedi says that pregnant women supply water, oxygen as well as many other important nutrients in the body. This also provides nutrition to the child. Apart from this, all prenatal vitamins are also available to the baby from water. In such a situation, pregnant women should drink the right amount of water daily. Their digestive system is also correct with water and new cells are also formed inside the body. But drinking too much water can also be harmful for pregnant women.

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Why is water necessary? The body gets many benefits from water. Like it keeps you hydrated. It also reduces the cramps that occur during pregnancy. Along with this, it also reduces problems like constipation during pregnancy. Preetika Bedi says that with a balanced amount of water, you feel energized. It also keeps the body temperature under control.

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Damage from too much water: Bedi says that drinking water in excess can also prove to be very harmful for pregnant women. This can lead to many problems such as drinking too much water will make you feel tired and your kidneys will have to work harder. When you start drinking more water, the electrolyte level of your body drops and the balance of the body also gets disturbed. This can lead to problems like headache.

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