How Does Quartz Cleaner Solution Work?

How Does Quartz Cleaner Solution Work?
Written by Rohan Mathew

Quartz countertops have all the fun of the fair. They are beautiful, affordable, durable, and also come in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. What is even better than the material is heat and stain resistance put together. But this doesn’t mean that Quartz never gets messy. 

Yes, Quartz may acquire stains, but with the proper cleaning solutions, you can get rid of them right at the moment. All you need are a few essential ingredients to prepare a hands-down DIY cleaner solution. If you are not up to preparing a DIY solution from scratch, you could also do with a few crucial objects to help make it spotless. 

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DIY Quartz Cleaner Ideas 

  • Soapy Water 

Quartz surfaces in the kitchen often get messy due to food preparation, liquid spills, and so much more. As such, you may find it daunting to deal with dirty countertops. Soapy water can come in handy to get rid of these nasty stains right away. Whether you have a tomato sauce spilled or oil greased over the surface, you will be able to eliminate all of that without any hindrance with soapy water. Take a clean cloth and apply soap water on it. Now, start scrubbing the stains gently using the soapy water cloth. Since the cleaner is mild, it promises to leave your surface unharmed. 

  • Blunt Scraper

Sometimes, it may take you a few hours to notice a spill. It may have dried out by then, which may make it even harder for you to clean them. Since they were left for too long, the reactions are also longer. In such a situation, it is best to scrape off these dried spills using a blunt scraper. These sharp scrapers work effectively in removing the bits and pieces of dried stains and leave your kitchen countertop tidy once again. Don’t worry; if you use the scraper properly, it will not harm your quartz surface. Just make sure you only use them wherever necessary. Also, make sure you have your gloves and some damp cloth handy to make it safer and easier to clean. 

Effective Cleaners To Use 

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda 

Baking soda and vinegar both have excellent properties for stain removal. So, when you do not know how to remove those stubborn stains from the Quartz surfaces, it is best to use this combination to get rid of them. Even when you use them separately, they can act as efficient cleaners. But for anyone who wants to remove stains quickly and does not want to keep working on them, both these ingredients make a perfect combination. To create this recipe, add ½ cup vinegar, ½ cup warm water, a soft-bristled brush, paper towels, and 1 tsp lime juice. 

  • Essential Oils and Alcohol 

Not many people know that both essential oils and alcohol work like magic in cleaning these stains. All you need is ten drops of peppermint essential oil, five drops of soap, 1 cup of water, 2 tbsp of rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and a scrub brush. Make sure you mix these ingredients appropriately to create the mixture to remove the stains. Once you are done, apply it to the stained portions. Please wait for 30 minutes for the cleaner to work, then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Use clean water to rinse off the surface and make it spotlessly clean. 

  • Glass Cleaner 

Most people had no idea, but glass cleaners can work efficiently to remove stains from quartz furniture and surfaces. Since glass cleaner repels liquid solutions, the ammonia remedy will not harm the surface or damage itso, you do not have to worry at all. Make sure you use effective glass cleaners to leave your home looking clean like never before. Since bleach and other harmful cleaners can be harsh, it is best to abstain from using them as far as possible. 

  • Plastic Putty Knife and Nylon Brush 

When the stain has been there for long, and nothing could shake it off, it is best to shift to something more stringent. Plastic putty knives and a nylon brush can work well in removing these hard stains that won’t go. Don’t worry. They won’t harm the surfaces as they are usually gentle. All you have to do is scrub and scrape them for an added experience of comfort. Also, using them reduces the time of cleaning stains in the kitchen. Avoid using the knife-edge and steel wool. They may not be the best at it. 

  • Microfiber and Stone-safe Sponge 

If the stain is easy to remove and doesn’t require much effort, you don’t have to use sharp blades and scrapers. Instead, a soft sponge and a microfiber cloth will do. These cloths help prevent the stains from staying and decaying the surface appearance. They will make sure that your surface looks clean and tidy just with one easy stroke. You could also use wine and citrus to remove the stains thoroughly in no time. 

  • PH Balanced, Streak Free Cleaner 

Streak-free cleaners are specially formulated to work on quartz and quartz surfaces to make them all bright and new like never before. It helps retain the shine of your brand-new quartz surface and doesn’t let any stain sustain easily on the surface. It is also effortless to use, so you are more likely to have a comfortable experience cleaning with it. Furthermore, it is also relatively safe to use for your surfaces as it is specially curated for them. So, why worry? 

The Bottom Line 

Although quartz is generally a safe, durable, and stain-resistant material, it may need a bit of maintenance. By ensuring proper care, you can remove any stubborn stains forever and keep your kitchen spotlessly clean. So, why keep waiting? Make sure you buy these stain removal ingredients right away for the best experience. 

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