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How Do You Get Rid Of Stiffness In Your Hands

Stiffness Remedies: Winter season is about to start. There is a possibility of many problems in the body in this season. Especially if you are a patient of arthritis, then you may have stiffness in the joints and hands and feet. Along with this, there may be pain in the bones, trouble in walking. To avoid this situation, you can take the help of some effective home remedies. Let us know about it in detail-

rotate the joints

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To avoid the problem of stiffness in the joints or hands and feet in winter, you should do cycling and swimming. Apart from this, you can include other exercises in your lifestyle. This gives relief from pain. Also, the problem of stiffness in winter is also less. Apart from exercise, walking can also be done.

consumption of ghee

If you are suffering from Arthritis then there may be excess of Vata in your body. Due to this, there is a lack of moisture in the body, due to which there can be less lubrication in the joints. In such a situation, to maintain the lubrication of the joints, consume ghee or olive oil. You can get a lot of benefits from this.

yoga is necessary

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You can exercise regularly to reduce the stiffness of hands and feet. This will also give you relief from pain. To reduce the stiffness of the joints, do yogasanas like Virabhadrasana, Tadasana and Dandasana. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

choose healthy diet

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To reduce the stiffness of hands and feet, include healthy food in your diet. For this, eat foods like drumstick, brinjal, bitter gourd, neem leaves, avocado in the daily diet. This will benefit your overall health.

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