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How do I know if my pain is kidney stones know the symptoms -Kidney Cure: पेट…

Kidney is an important part of our body, whose main function is to clean the blood by filtering waste material and excess fluid from the blood and expel waste materials through urine. We cannot even imagine life without kidney. Taking care of this vital part of the body is very important. Nowadays, the problem of kidney stones has become very common.

Kidney stones, also known as nephroliths or renal calculi, are the most common health condition associated with the urinary system. This disease, which was earlier used to old people, due to poor lifestyle, has started taking its grip on young people too. Stones are hard mineral fragments that can form in the kidney. These pieces are small in size, so they can easily come out through urine. But if the size of the stones increases, then medical help may be needed to remove them from the kidney.

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If you think you may have kidney stones, see a doctor right away and recognize the symptoms of a kidney stone. If kidney stones are treated promptly, serious conditions can be avoided.

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Let us know how to recognize the symptoms of kidney stones.

  • Pain in the back, pain around the belly can also be a sign of kidney stone problem.
  • Burning in urine or intermittent urination during urine discharge also indicates the problem of kidney stones.
  • Bleeding while urinating or complaining of pain while urinating.
  • Intermittent and less frequent urination, as well as foul-smelling urine, can also be a sign of kidney stones.
  • Many times we ignore kidney stone as gas pain. If the pain around the waist, abdomen persists for more than a week, then see the doctor immediately.
  • Vomiting can be a problem if there is a stone in the kidney. There may also be complaints of frequent vomiting.
  • The patient may also have high fever if there is a stone in the kidney. If this problem lasts more than a week, then do not ignore it, it can be a sign of kidney stone.
  • Loss of appetite can also be a sign of kidney stone.
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