How can our remote work solutions make work from home efficient for you? 

How can our remote work solutions make work from home efficient for you?
Written by Paresh Bramhane

The work from home policy in companies and businesses opens up a whole new realm of probabilities and possibilities for them to build and keep alive- a perfectly running work culture even while working remotely. Before the global pandemic hit us, working from home was one of the most ideal and convenient scenarios that looked doable to most employees as well as employers. It still is, but in a different aspect altogether. The culture of working from home has gained beyond maximum popularity ever since the multiplying and ever-increasing Coronavirus outbreak. It has turned around several things in several ways and today, in these trying times, it is even considered to be one of the only feasible ways to keep companies and jobs alive. But as the saying goes, “every coin has two sides”, working from home has its own sets of challenges. Here’s a rundown of such challenges of work from home that may take a toll from time to time:

  1. Technical issues

To ensure efficient workflow while working from home, one needs a fully functional technical setup. Other than weak connectivity, power failure, and slow device, any issue with the system setup can impact the entire working procedure. Apart from that, the technical team must be well equipped to deal with multiple technical failures. Hence, training all the team members to make them aware of every possible technical nuance of technology is important before WFH sessions are allowed.

  1. Distraction that leads to lack of transparency

There are too many things at home that has the potential to distract people from their work. Especially during these trying times if not otherwise. The alarming news of everyday death tolls, the fear and stress of someone close falling sick, financial worries, household chores, kids, and many such aspects might not make the home environment perfect for office work for many. 

  1. Lack of interaction with fellow team members resulting in lack of motivation.

Communication has proven to be useful in reducing stress and innovate better ideas. While working from an office, having a few minutes of a face-to-face discussion with the teammates is of great help. But there is no such option while working from home. This leads to creative block and lack of motivation which then results in added work pressure for the employees resulting in the company facing poor work performance and weak coordination. 

  1. A struggle between balancing personal and professional life

 Working from the office sets some clear boundaries between personal and professional lives. However, in times like this, it is one of the most difficult tasks to balance one’s personal and professional life while working from home. Even though a home is supposed to be a place of relaxation, refreshment, and a safe space, the outrageous outbreak of Covid-19 hasn’t let that happen for many people. 

  1. Management issues for the supervisors and managers due to multiplied responsibilities 

Work from home increases the pressure on the supervisors as they have to deal with additional responsibilities of keeping an account of their entire team apart from covering their existing tasks. Since they have to rely absolutely on telecommunications, they often face several hurdles in coming up with on-point solutions. They are often confined to getting it all done from home. Such problems make it more difficult for people to express and keep enthusiasm alive. 

Before the COVID19 outbreak, the same work culture would have been a thousand times more relaxing and helpful for employees to maintain a better work-life balance. However, the situation isn’t very similar right now. Due to potential life threats, business loss, and several other negativities that the virus has brought with it, there is an uprising competition between the existing and still functioning companies. This then leads to stress and increased work pressure on the whole team of the concerned companies. It is, therefore, extremely crucial for the companies right now to find effective remote work solutions that make the tasks more manageable besides letting the company keep an eye on every employee without fail.

Didn’t know such services were possible? Leapmax is here to help you with all the information you need. They provide the best work-from-home software in the form of employee monitoring platforms that help companies understand how their teams perform. Moreover, it enables employers to enhance operational proficiencies with various contingencies and streamlined workflows. 

Now how exactly does Leapmax’s employee monitoring platforms help businesses enhance their remote teams’ productivity?

  • Effective operational workflow

Efficiency is one of the most significant features in business operations these days. With Leapmax’s employee monitoring platforms, business supervisors and managers can reduce redundancies from day-1 by looking into the work patterns and workflows. The monitoring tool can help to distinguish performance scores and ascertain benchmarks for all.

  • Employee monitoring for user status

As an employee monitoring software, user productivity and data security are the tops priorities for Leapmax. The program is proficient in administering a precise analytical picture of every employed user.

The executives can efficiently get a comprehensive report of the end-users’ active or inactive sessions because Leapmax screens keyboard and mouse strokes. Such status reports can also be made graphically available depending on the exact time intervals throughout a user’s working hours.

  • Productivity management of remote teams

Leapmax can ensure that we gain maximum productivity from each team with real-time productivity management. Take a glimpse of the user’s systems, or examine and compare their active sessions to idle time. Peek into their first and the last tasks and receive customized screenshots in order to understand View the first task or the last task of the day, and receive customized screenshots of the screens to plan and understand how productivity can be enhanced, managed, and other related problems. 

  • System status using employee monitoring software

With the help of Leapmax’s employee monitoring software, supervisors can now easily mark the system status of their team members’ systems and address any existing problems to them directly. Thereby, this software with its smart features ensures a seamless transition and stable business operations between companies and their potential customers by eliminating all possibilities of interruptions.

  • Live barge-in & wipe with a proactive employee monitoring software

The live barge-in feature secures up every possibility of potential threat to data security that may take place while remotely working. As the latest employee monitoring software developed to subdue every possible challenge of working from home, this feature lets the supervisors keep a close eye on the team members’ systems. Therefore, this feature allows the supervisors to detect any suspicious malpractice and initiate a system wipe to prevent any leaks.

  • View daily timesheets and activity log

Making activity logs, building productivity reports for each user is tiring and time-consuming, isn’t it? Do not worry. Leapmax’s employee monitoring tool lets the supervisors have easy access to daily, weekly, and/or monthly timesheets for every user. This ensures maximum transparency which in turn helps the overall business growth. 

Although times are tough, the optimum utilization of the right platforms can significantly impact the distributed teams positively and make their work effective, productive, and smoother like that of working from the office. So, opt for our work-from-home software today!

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