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Hong Kong Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sinks In The South China Sea Know How Did It Happen

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: The tourist attraction and famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong has submerged in the South China Sea. This accident happened while passing near Paracel Island. The information about this matter has been given by the parent company of the restaurant, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited. According to the company, this restaurant was passing near Paracel Island on Sunday. There it got overturned due to bad weather, because of the water filling it got absorbed in the sea itself.

Where this incident happened, the water depth was more than 1000 meters or 3280 feet. In such a situation, a lot of difficulties had to be faced in the rescue work of the restaurant. Despite a lot of efforts, this restaurant could not be saved. The company has said that this incident is very sad, although no one has been injured in this accident. This restaurant has hosted many stalwarts like Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. It used to be the main attraction for tourists visiting Hong Kong.

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It was being replaced after 46 years

It has been said in the news that the incident of drowning of Jumbo restaurant took place when it was being taken to another place after 46 years with the help of boats. This jumbo restaurant in Hong Kong was a major tourist attraction for years. It was started in 1976 and its Cantonese food was considered the best. The Jumbo restaurant had not opened since the Corona epidemic. This floating restaurant has been taken away with the help of several boats. Hundreds of people had gathered to bid farewell to it.

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Burden had become a jumbo restaurant

No investor came forward to renovate it. The owners made a lot of efforts for its revival, but when it was not successful, it was being removed from Aberdeen Harbor in Hong Kong, when it sank. According to Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, which operates it, the cost of running this floating restaurant was increasing continuously. He had become unable to invest money continuously. Millions of dollars were being spent every year on its maintenance. The company said that it does not seem that it will start again in the coming days.

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