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Honda Cars Says Lower Taxes On Hybrid Cars Can Help Faster Adoption Of EVs In…

Hybrid Car: Kunal Bahl, Vice President (Marketing and Sales), Honda Cars India said that due to reduction in tax on hybrid electric vehicles, the demand for electric vehicles in the country will increase rapidly. According to him, hybrid technology is currently best suited for Indian conditions, as it does not require external charging infrastructure.

At present, the total tax on hybrid vehicles in the country, including GST, is 43 per cent, while battery electric vehicles attract a tax of around 5 per cent. Kunal Behl said that there is a big difference in the tax of two types of vehicles. According to him, if the government can support us (by reducing the tax on hybrid vehicles too), then it will be a welcome step. He said that we request the government whether they can consider it.

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These vehicles will reduce pollution

Kunal Bahl also emphasized that hybrid vehicles can help in increasing the demand for fully electric vehicles and will also help in reducing the consumption of petrol-diesel. Bahl said that we really respect the understanding of the government that they want to reduce the level of pollution, they want to reduce the fuel consumption, so both these objectives are met with hybrid vehicles.

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Endorsing the hybrid technology, Honda Cars India said that hybrid is the best solution for the country, as buyers need not worry about the range and the performance of the vehicle. The company recently launched its popular City sedan as a hybrid model.

preparing for new investments

The company is preparing to invest $ 40 billion in the electric vehicle segment in the next 10 years. Bahl believes that the global trend is towards electric vehicles. He says that Indian customers really want to be a part of electric mobility. This coincides with our journey towards reducing pollution. If taxes are reduced, then surely people will adopt it faster.

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