Homework Tips for Kids and Teenagers: General Advice

Homework Tips for Kids and Teenagers
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Do you have a child in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college? If so, Domyhomework123 has some homework tips for you.

We can make it easier on all of us by following some key practices. It’ll be a lot less stressful for everyone, and we’ll have a better chance of accomplishing our homework. And of course, it’s always important to realize that kids need to learn good study habits and practice them throughout their K-12 years and beyond. For instance, some of the tips may be adjusted with time to make for other family members.

Tip #1: Switch off the TV

Is homework a battle? If so, why not try switching off the TV. Not forever, just for homework time. Then while they’re studying or doing homework, they can read or study quietly. A running TV can be distracting and might make it difficult for your child to concentrate. Why should I bother? They won’t mind…

Tip #2: Radio and other audio devices

Do your kids listen to music or audiobooks while they’re doing their homework? Some people think it’s a good idea. For instance, classical music is supposed to be calming and soothing (some say it helps bring order to our minds). So if your children can concentrate better with music in the background, then why not?

Tip #3: Set Goals and rules for Homework time

You know what works best for your child. Does it help to have unique rules and structure? For example, perhaps they need a set hour for homework or specific days of the week for homework. Or maybe it’s best if certain subjects get done on certain days of the week. If daily schedules and deadlines are arbitrary and changeable, your kids may struggle to stay on track with their schoolwork. At first, you might try setting up a calendar with due dates and times set in stone.

Tip #4: Avoid TV and computer games while doing homework

Is there a chance that your child will play computer games or watch TV or videos on YouTube during homework time? Is it a good idea to have them do this? It’s always a good idea to know what they’re watching on the internet, but it may not be practical if they have homework. This is because your child might find it difficult to concentrate if their mind is constantly consumed with another activity. So if you can prevent this, it may be easier on your child. You might want to consider enforcing a “no computer games or TV” rule while they’re doing their homework.

Tip #5: Stay calm and try not to panic

Homework time is notorious for becoming an emotionally charged event for parents and kids alike. Make an extra effort to have a calm and peaceful approach. We’re not saying you should just drop whatever it is and finish their homework for them. But if they are in a tense state, they’re probably not going to concentrate too well. Have patience and be calm and supportive.

Tip #6: Set up a Homework station

Maybe you can set up a little area where your child does their homework. It may help them have some order or structure or peace and quiet while doing their schoolwork. In situations where there’s only the option to do their homework in the same room, it may help a great deal to have some rules and structure.

Tip #7: Allow a break or a small break

Give your child an occasional break of at least 10 minutes or so. They may be too young for you to do this, but you can consider following this rule if work takes you away from home during “homework time.” Or maybe you can give them a break during the weekend.

Tip #8: Consistency

Is your child struggling with homework? Consistency is a big factor in helping kids to meet deadlines and stay on track. You can set up bulletins to keep them motivated with goals and rewards, or you can simply say that they have to do their homework even if it’s not a “make it home by the time” sort of thing, but by the end of the day. It does help when we are consistent with our children’s schedules.


These are just some of the things that we do at home for our children regarding homework. We do other things that might not be related to homework, but these tips should help you get started on making your home a more organized and peaceful place for homework time.

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