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Homemade Sugar Scrub: These Homemade Sugar Scrubs Are Best To Remove Dead…

Homemade Sugar Scrub: You must have spent so many rupees in the parlor to remove dead skin. Do you know that with the help of sugar kept at home, you can remove the dead skin of your facial skin in minutes. Today we will tell you about some scrubs made from sugar, which you can prepare very easily at home.

Due to the sun, dust and dirt on our skin, it causes a lot of damage. In such a situation, the skin needs even more care. To deal with these problems, you do not necessarily have to go to the parlor and spend money, for this you can take care at home. To remove the black patches on the face i.e. dead skin, you need to exfoliate them, which you can remove with a sugar scrub made at home. So let’s know how you can prepare these scrubs at home.

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Coconut Oil and Sugar
To make this scrub, mix sugar, coconut oil and vitamin E oil together and keep it in a tight jar. After cleaning the face, scrub it with this mixture. Dead skin will be visible gradually in a few days.

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sugar and green tea
To make this scrub, first put the tea bags in hot water and leave it to cool down after some time. Now take sugar and coconut oil in a vessel and mix it. Now add cold tea to it and mix. You can use it after cleaning the face. It will help in removing the dark patches from the face.

sugar and lemon
To make this scrub, mix sugar, coconut oil and lemon juice. Now apply this mixture well on the face, scrub it after some time and then wash the face with water. With this, the dead skin will be seen clearing in a few days.

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