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There is a plan to travel in summer, so pack these 5 healthy foods from home, travel…

Summer Travel Tips: Food gets spoiled quickly in the summer season. In such a situation, if you are planning a travel and are thinking of carrying home cooked food together, then here we have brought some healthy food ideas for you. These foods will also be easy to carry during travel and they will not spoil easily. Apart from this, even if you are health conscious and avoid oily food, then these can be the best food option for you. By consuming them, your digestion will also be fine and you will be saved from eating useless things. So let us know what kind of food you can carry with you during travel during the summer season which is homemade and is also beneficial for health.

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Carry These Foods With You While Traveling

black paper popcorn
If you are traveling by train or plane, then nothing can be a better snack for you than popcorn. It also does not make the stomach heavy and you do not feel hungry for a long time. You can easily make it at home and carry it in an air tight container.

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Nuts Mix
People often buy packs of chips and snacks by going on a trip and satisfy hunger with that. But it can be very harmful for your health. Instead of this, you can make nut mix at home and carry it together. You can roast it by mixing almonds, pistachios, peanuts, dry fruits, makhana, roasted gram etc. to make it.

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Banana Chips
Banana chips are good for health as well as taste. If you have children with you, you can give them homemade banana chips instead of the market chips.

Fresh fruits can be easily packed in your travel bag. They can easily be found anywhere. You just wash it and eat it. Keep in mind that never use chopped fruits for travel. Otherwise bacteria can grow in it and make you sick.

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You can make veg sandwich from home. Keep it in an airtight lunch box by placing it in aluminum foil and eat it whenever you want. But keep in mind that you eat it within 6 to 7 hours or else bacteria can grow in it.

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