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Home Remedies To Remove Nose Pimples

Nose Pimples: Most of the girls are troubled by the pimples coming out on the face. These pimples work to stain the beauty of the face. Often you must have seen that these pimples come out not only on the cheeks but also on the nose. This problem of pimples is seen more on oily skin. In such a situation, everyone wants to know how to remove these pimples from the nose in easy ways. Today in this article you are going to remove these problems. So let’s know about the ways to remove the pimples on the nose, from which you can get rid of them at home.

Lemon juice is the solution

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Pimples mostly come out on oily skin, which can be used to remove lemon juice. Actually, the acidic nature of lemon works to remove the oil of the skin. For this, take lemon juice in a bowl. Now dip a cotton ball in it and place it on the nose. After about 15 minutes, remove this cotton wool from the nose. With this you will get rid of pimples.

use of aloe vera gel

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You can also use aloe vera gel to get rid of nose pimples. Actually, aloe vera gel has anti-acne and anti-bacterial properties, which works to eliminate the bacteria of pimples. For this, take fresh aloe vera gel and massage the entire face along with the nose, you will get the benefit.

Tea tree oil use

Tea tree oil can also be used for acne. Actually, tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-microbial properties, which are effective in removing acne. For this, apply tea tree oil on the nose with a cotton ball, then leave it like this for 10 minutes. When it dries, wash it off with water. You will get relief from pimples.

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