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Home Remedies For Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins: Congestion is a common problem. This problem can happen to anyone, anywhere. Often the veins get clogged due to the brother lifting the luggage or sleeping and sitting in the wrong position. There is a lot of unbearable pain in this problem. If you also have unbearable pain when you get a vein, then in this situation you can take the help of some home remedies. With the help of these remedies, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be overcome in no time. Let us know about some effective home remedies-

Follow these home remedies for veins

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press ear point

If the veins in your left foot have become narrow, then press the lower joint of your ear with the finger of the right hand. At the same time, if the vein of the right leg has become clogged, then press the point of your ear with the finger of the left hand. With this, you can get relief from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Irrigate with ice

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You can irrigate with ice when the vein is inflated. This can give you relief in a few minutes. For this take a cotton cloth. Put some ice cubes in it and soak it. This can be of great relief.

massage oil

Massage the vein with oil. To use it, take mustard or coconut oil. Now lukewarm this oil lightly and massage the affected areas with light hands. This can solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

consume salt

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Due to the lack of sodium in the body, there may be a problem of erectile dysfunction. Use salt in this situation. Apart from this, put a little salt on the palm and suck it. You will see the difference very soon.

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