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home-remedies-for-boils-due-to-hair-breakage | बालतोड़ की फुंसी से पाना है…

Home Remedies for Baltod: Hair loss is such a painful problem that if it happens to you, then you will be in a bad condition due to pain. When this pimple becomes an abscess, then you start having problems in walking and eating. This happens to you in any part of the body, when the hair of any part of the body breaks from the root, then a lump is formed there, then it becomes an abscess from the pimple and pus starts forming in it, then in it It hurts so much that you have a lot of trouble to bear. But today we are going to tell you through this article that if you ever get hair loss, then you can get rid of this problem only by staying at home.

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Turmeric will solve the problem of child breaking

When there is a break in any part of the body, you may take any number of medicines from outside, but you keep on suffering in pain and you do not get relief. So let’s have some such remedies at home through which you can correct it in a jiffy. Turmeric has a quality in which anti-inflammatory and natural blood purifier are found, you use turmeric mostly in injury, this is an old home remedy which you always use. In the same way, you can get relief from pain and swelling in the problem of hair fall. Turmeric is such a thing which is easily available in everyone’s kitchen, you can also try applying it in the problem of hair loss.

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Apply neem like this

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Apart from this, neem is also considered very effective in case of hair breakage. Neem has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is said that neem is so bitter and natural that it helps you with many things. Let us tell you that neem removes any side effects from your body. You just have to prepare a paste by grinding neem leaves, and then apply it on the place where you have broken hair. You will get relief soon by using neem.

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