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‘Hit: The First Case’ review: Rajkummar Rao’s suspense thriller became a victim of weak climax



oi-Neeti Sudha


the director- Shailesh Kolanu
artist- Rajkumar Rao, Sanya Malhotra, Shilpa Shukla, Dilip Tahil, Milind Gunaji

There are two essential things for a suspense thriller film, the way to reach the culprit and the reason behind the crime of the culprit. ‘Hit’ here gets 100 out of 100 in the first part, then 50 in the second. The first half of the film is very strong, interesting and engaging. But on the way to the climax, the condition of ‘Khoda Pahad Nikalli Chuhiya’ seems to be there.

‘Hit’ is the official remake of the Telugu film of the same name in the year 2020. Shailesh Kolanu has directed both the films, so he hasn’t tinkered much with the story except some parts of the film. The story, revolving around the search for a missing girl, was well received by the audience. Especially the screenplay and performance of the film received a positive response. But in its remake, the director has lost that grip.

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The story is of Vikram (Rajkumar Rao), who is an officer of HIT (Homicide Investigative Team). Vikram is battling every day with the memory of an incident from the past, when someone was murdered before his eyes. Taking care of his health, Vikram’s doctor and his girlfriend Neha (Sanya Malhotra) advise him to take some time off from duty. He is on vacation when he learns that Neha is missing. Not only Neha, but another girl Preeti also disappears from the beach highway. While solving these two cases, Vikram’s suspicion goes to many people. Soon he starts seeing similarities in both the cases. But the road to reaching the end of the case is not an easy one. In such a situation, how does Vikram solve this case and what does he have to put at stake. The story revolves around this.


Almost two hours and sixteen minutes long, the film wins hearts in the first half with its stellar performances and gripping screenplay. The director grabs your attention from the very first scene and the story moves very fast. Every character seems full of suspense, but the director very successfully keeps you away from the other end of the story. But in the second half, the film becomes weak in terms of story. The screenplay of the film is written by Shailesh Kolanu, while the dialogues are by Girish Kohli.

From writing, direction to technical level, the film is above average. S Manikandan’s cinematography adds freshness to the story. Gary Beh’s tight editing has a positive side to the film. The music of the film is given by Mithun and Manan Bhardwaj, which is average.

Talking about acting, Rajkummar Rao is a fine actor and he has proved it here as well. He is strong in the role of a rough and tough officer, but in the weak moments of the character, he also collects sympathy. It would not be wrong to say that it is nice to see Rajkummar Rao in this style after a long time. Sanya Malhotra has not felt anything special here. She does justice to her character in a limited amount of time. At the same time, artists like Shilpa Shukla, Dilip Tahil, Milind Gunaji have also not been given a special chance by the director.

Overall, ‘Hit The First Case’ could have been among the best suspense thrillers in Bollywood, but some of the director’s bets were insufficient. The film can definitely be seen for the best performance of Rajkumar. 3 stars for ‘Hit’ from Filmibeat.

english summary

Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra starrer suspense action thriller film HIT The First Case is released in theaters now. Directed by Sailesh Kolanu. Film starts solid but stumbles at climax.

Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2022, 9:00 [IST]



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